25 April, 2008

My Home Away From Home

I only made six trips to Lano's Hardware yesterday. So far today, it's two. I'm sure by this time, that I'm a full share holder in the business. "Best Price!" is Mr. Lano's watch words to live by. He cuts a hard deal. But all in all, he's a nice guy. I enjoy shopping at his store too.
Mr. Lan - Doing His Morning Purchasing On Line
Here's the interior of Lano's Hardware. There really isn't much they don't have. Nuts and bolts, and today, of all things, sitting on the counter, live fish in a small aquarium. Tell me they don't have it all!
A Glimpse into the Sanctum Sanctorum
John, below, is the most knowledgeable and helpful sales clerk at Lano's. I always try to get his service, especially if I have a long list of stuff to get.
John Always Has a Smile and a Sense of Humor
Keeping tabs on the till and double-checking the sales clerks tallies, is Mr. Lano's younger brother, Kim. He has a subtle sense of humor and is always interested in how our project is coming along.
Kim Minding the Till
One of the other Sales Clerks, Wilson, helped me today. Here, he's testing compact fluorescent bulbs I want to buy. Standard practice down here, y'know.
Wilson Testing Bulbs Before Purchase
Fire! Fire! The trees are on fire (Sung to the tune of a hot Soca number called "Follow the Leader").

Yesterday, about mid-morning, we had an exciting few moments when, over at Robert and Lynn's place, where one of their workers lit off a burn pile he had placed somewhat too close to their trees beside the canal.

Of course, the fire took off like a rocket, and of course, it ignited the pine trees standing right beside it. We saw the smoke and heard the roar of the fire. We went running back to the canal to see what was going on. On the way, I extended and charged our new water spigot and hose at the parking palapa. No sense not taking proper precautions with our new palapa.

Robert and Lynn, and several of their workers, formed a bucket brigade (when was the last time you heard of one of those?) and began to throw water on the fire, bringing it under control in a few minutes.
Fire! Fire!
On the way to the "mattress bank" (the guys on the temple steps in the Bible) this morning, I passed the fishing dock. I saw the pelican that always seems to rest on the piling there. He had his wings spread like he was drying out, but by the time I got over to the water's edge and ready to take a picture, he folded them up and appeared as you see below.
Senior Member of the Fleet
Work on the home front is proceeding apace. Here's Dianna's hobby room, all primed and ready for its final coat of bone white paint.
Dianna's Hobby Room

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