23 December, 2007

We're Getting Close

This morning (Sunday) was a quiet day. The only workers who were on-site was Eugene, our night watchman (soon to be our handyman/caretaker), and Idilio, who I hired to finish filling and leveling of the drain field.
Idilio Starting Leveling the Drain Field
And Finishing It
I thought Isidoro's guys would show up to finish the bit of streetside fence that remains to be done. But, no show (not unusual on Sundays here, as it is usually a half-day anyway. It'll get finished on Monday.
One of Esidoro's guys, Mayo, Working the Last Bit
Working on the Gate Slide Area
The house is definitely nearing completion. Here you can see that it actually has gotten a front door. Seems like an eternity to get to this point, yet it's only been about three months.
We Have A Front Door!

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