21 December, 2007

Lotta Progress

Well, today saw lots of progress being made - even though the Shipyard crew got off to a slow start. They had to wait in Orange Walk for two doors to be loaded into their truck before heading out to Corozal.

Here's a couple of shots that show the utility trench dug from the power pole to the inlet side of the utility room. There's a shunt over to the well house where the power for the well pump and well house lighting now runs. I'll tap into that to power up the lights for the streetside fence.

The trench will stay open till after the water is run from the well house to the house - and a few other places (garden area, cart port, canal end of the house, etc.).
Power Pole Trench With Shunt to Well House
Trench Going to House
Here's a couple of views (I know, these are similar to previous views. Just hold them together and fan 'em. You'll see them magically come to life.) of the house and and the Streetside Fence showing the progress that has been made.
Sreetside fence - The Gate Area
Sreetside fence - Looks Unfinished This Direction
Here's the detail showing the line for the pump inside the well house. I'll simply drill another hole in the bottom of the box to tie the Streetside fence lighting to this circuit.

The other shot shows Isidoro's crew putting finishing touches to the Streetside fence.
Electrics to Well Pump
Finishing Plastering Streetside Fence
Siliconing the pump access hatch. We tend to get a fair amount of water in the well house after rain or even a heavy dew.

The other shot is a view of the fence hiding the garbags site - and to remind me I need to get a hatch made with hinges and latch to go with it.
Sealing the Hatch
Viewing Trash Hole
Isidoro's crew is making fast progress on the last bit of fence. Here they've dismantled the chainlink fence, and by evening had already poured the footing for the wall to come tomorrow.
Laying a level line
Finishing plastering block tops
This is a nice view showing all the scallups of the fence.
Fence Scallops
For some reason, adding doors really makes things seem as though they're coming together. The jamb frames and doors are all made with solid mahogany (Imagine that Stateside - $$$).
Fitting the Jamb
Getting an assist with it
Interior doors looking good, Man! No locks for knobs, yet. Place seems like a carpenter shop with all the sawing and hammering going on.
Our Three Interior Doors
Trimming Streetside Exterior Jam Piece
Showing some of the progress that's been made - drywalling, plastering, and texturing technique.
Drywall Texture and Finish - Living Room
Drywall Texture and Finish - Dining/Kitchen
Discussion is always easy to allow with crews that work as well and as hard as these do. It's been a real pleasure working with guys who know their trade (perhaps by Belizean standards in some cases) and know how to work on their own without direct supervision.
Abraham and Esidoro - Always time for discussion
Jose Camera Inspecting
We're actually moving into some of the finish stuff that floats Dianna's boat - texturing, tiling, cabinetry, painting and lighting.
Texturing - From the Overhead
Boxes of Tiles Waiting for Placement
Again with the discussions! This has just gotta stop. Oh, wait. I'm an enlightened boss. It's fine. Carry on.
Dianna and Jose Discussing Texture

Our drain field fence is dang near finished. Once that and the rest of the fence are done, Isidoro's crew will be done too. It'll seem strange and too quiet.
Finishing the Drain Field Fence
Just to prove to everyone that Dianna's fine and in good spirits after the near-miss with tragedy, we went over to Bob's new digs for home cooked liver and onions with fried potatoes. Yummers! Was it ever good. Bob swears it's because he soaks the liver slices in milk before throwing them on the fire. I think he's right. It does seem to lessen the bitter taste.

Dianna and Bob actually did all the cooking. I posed, looking all official and stuff.
Bob and Dianna
Dave Pretending
You'll notice Bob's counter space is somewhat limited. That's cause he just built it the other day. This house came with bare essentials. So he's been spiffing it up.

We haven't visited with Bob's dog, Sadie for a long time. Now that Bob is back and living near Tony and Nellie, he felt he should retrieve Sadie from Doug and Twyla - the folks who were dog-sitting her for Bob while he was in Cuba.
Sadie's a Great Dog

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