12 December, 2007

We Have a Connection!

I know, I know. You're always supposed to back things up before you start messing with them. I didn't. I should have. "It won't happen again", he said apologetically.

Well it wasn't entirely my fault. Jim's wireless router wasn't set up right, from the minute we moved in, the only option I had was email using his computer. Now, everyting be irie, mon.

And just to prove it, here we are enjoying the winter weather in Corozal.
A Couple of Belizean's Enjoying Winter
BTW, this is in the pool of the house we're house-sitting. Ah, life is rough.

And, to let you know we're really in the land of paradise, I snapped this the day before yesterday while I was enroute to our construction site from where we're currently living. This is about a hundred yards from the house. I slammed on the breaks and shot. It was a double rainbow, but this camera could only get this much. You get the idea anyway.
By Golly, There is a Pot 'o Gold Here
I'll be posting many more pictures and describing where we are in the construction process. A lot has gone on since we fell off-line. Please stay tuned. I think you'll enjoy what's coming.

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toupeeo said...

At last a blog. You both look great in the pool. I should have taken a picture of the snow on my driveway just so you could compare. Dianna looks great. Be looking for more blogs. Yeah!