25 November, 2007

Sunday's Work Done Quick - Right Now

Here's where I catch up for the week. Below is a shot of the outside of the utility room with its fresh plaster coat. Looking good. The columns and beams will also be plastered.
Fresh Plaster on the Utility Room
The front stairs for the house (in reality the stairs closest to the canal) are really taking shape here.
Looking at the Landing
Saturday morning, the same that we got stuck on Friday, delivered 10-yards of sand for us with no problem and no stickage.

To the right is the 200 2-hole 8" blocks we had delivered. These were hard to come by. I originally wento Bel Block and they had no 8" blocks, 2- or 3-hole and wouldn't until Wednesday run - which meant the blocks would be available on Thursday. Way too late for my needs.

I then went down to Mefil Block and they had 2-hole, so that's what I went with. 3-hole give you a bit more flexibility, but what's available is what's available.
Successful Sand Delivery
Successful Block Delivery
The pour crew assembled by Isidoro on Saturday had to go home early - no mixer was available. So, they all came back early on Sunday and completed the pour in about 45 minutes - about the time that Dianna and I were at breakfast at the Oasis.
The Pour Crew At the Ready
Here's the trench for the canal-side fence with the rebar all set to go.
Views of the Trench and Rebar
Views of the Trench and Rebar
Finishing Tying the Trench Rebar
Just for info - here's the view from our house looking at Bob's (white with red roof) and Jim and Melanie (thatch roof in the distance).
View From Our Bedroom
Here's the completed pour. The exposed rebar will be the taller columns of the fence.
Completed Pour
Completed Pour
More of the Pour
Here's a view of the house from the street. That's Franz pressure-washing the wood deck.
Street-side or back view of the house
And a parting shot - the pile of tools and what-not left by Franz's crew. Moved out to the front porch because of the pressure-washing.
Tool Pile
So, now you're up-to-date. Monday, or tomorrow, I'll be taking part in Citizens On Patrol or COP training with the Corozal Police Department downtown at the police station. I have no idea what to expect. I'll take my camera along and if I can, I'll take some pictures, and let you know what I've learned. I'm looking forward to it (as if I don't already have enough to do...).


toupeeo said...

Not sure what I am doing but am using Mozilla Firefox. Haven't selected anything yet so you may get a screwey message. Wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

Dave, That pressure washer looks so out of place! It's new, clean and actully modern! What is happening there, a revolution in building trades equipment???