28 December, 2007

Successful Cloning in Belize

No, it's not sheep or cows or dogs... It's a couch! A sectional to be exact. We had one in Olympia that we just loved. Made by Rowe Furniture Co. (http://www.rowefurniture.com/collections/minimod/charing_cross/default.htm), it was the Charring Cross model and was very versatile for someone who loves to rearrange constantly.

Well, when we moved, we sold it to Sandy and Owen, cause they loved it too. When we got here we realized we really loved and missed the couch. We emailed Sandy and Owen to see if they could give us any information as to manufacturer, etc. They sent us the link above.

The link was a gold mine. It not only had a picture, but also included the dimensions of the pieces. The only piece that isn't included in the set is the ottomans.

Armed with that information we went to Comfort Rest Products, here in Corozal. We showed them the printout of the web page with the photo and dimensions. They said they thought they could do that, so we hired them.

That was a couple of months ago. We took delivery of the pieces this afternoon. Here they are.
Our Cloned Sectional Pieces
The microfiber we picked was sort of close to the original, but feels almost like suede leather. The fabric was imported for Mexico ($135BZ/yd). Not cheap, but, oh so nice.
Midas Inspecting the New Furniture
We'll let you know how it works, after we take a nap on it and watch a movie or something.

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