29 December, 2007

Saturday's Hi-lites

Another beautiful day here in Corozal. Saturday in Paradise. Where the sun's hot, the beer's cold and the pool pump is busted... Wait a minnit! That's not right. Right or not, the pool is inoperative right now. Larry and Carlos and Terrence, the scooter mechanic, found the problem - The impeller is kaput.

We're waiting to hear from Jim the owner if he wants Larry to get a new impeller or if Jim will pick one up in Florida, where he and Melanie are at till they return on January 5.

So, since I couldn't swim, I went over to the construction site to see what was happening. I also made a run into town to find Frontline for the little dogs - not available till about a week from now from either Prosser's Agricultural Supplies or Dr. Martha, the Cuban trained Veterinarian. She is really nice and personable. While I was there, a young guy came up and said I owed his boss for a delivery he'd made some time ago. He described the delivery, and by golly, he was right. I hadn't paid for the delivery. I remembered asking my workers at the time, if anyone had paid for delivery. They hadn't and it just slipped my mind. So I went over to his boss and paid up. I also got his name and phone number for the future, in case I need a delivery of my own.

After that, I went to Comfort Rest Products and made a final payment on our new couch. They were getting ready to head over to the property to take final measurements for the kitchen cabinets and shelves.

At the property, Abraham is making great strides with the window trim. He's got the living room, dining room and part of the master bedroom completed.
Window Trim Pieces
Window Trim in Place
Bit by bit, more stuff is creeping into the house. We already have the reverse osmosis water filter system, and we should have a Culligan water softener. Turns out there's a dealer down in Placencia, and he will ship to Corozal. So, once payment is arranged we should have the softener and RO system in place as soon as the water is hooked up.

The tile setter is starting to get quite a collection of stuff here as well. He's doing a good job too. Especially considering he doesn't have a tile saw. He uses a hand-held power cutting wheel and a tile scorer.
Reverse Osmosis System
Tile Setter's Stuff
Here's a couple of shots showing the tile in place in the shower stall. Looking pretty good, I must say.
Shower Tile
in the Shower Stal
Little Tiki, one of Jim and Melanie's Yorkshire Terriers, is a biker. He'd sell his soul for a ride. Every time I put on my helmet, he whines. At first, I thought he thought the helmet was hurting me, then one day, Lynn said that maybe he wanted to go for a ride. That was it! He loves to ride.
Tiki Getting Ready to Go
Tiki Cruising Down the Road
Nearly At the End of the Ride
Tiki Dismounting After a Run

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