20 August, 2007

We're As Ready As We're Going to Be

Just a quick one to say we're ready - we think. We'll let you know.

I just got back from a quick trip into downtown Corozal - a real mad house right now. People loading plywood, people unloading plywood, Cinty's is doing landmark sales, The stores that are open have long lines.

I went to the Post Office, since I had a note of a package waiting for me. I walked in the door, everything in bags up off the floor on tables or cabinets, and not a soul in the place. There was a little sign in one of the teller windows,saying "closed". So, I left and went on out of downtown to D's Market to get some more kitty food, duct tape (they didn't have any) and smokes for Dianna.
After that, I stopped to see how Nigel and Jennie were coming with their preparations. I saw Nigel, and he pointed out everything they've been doing to batten down the hatches. He said Jennie accidentally released one of their parrots. She was worried about it starving. Nigel convinced her it would find more than enough to eat.

He also asked me to mention on the blog that he and Jennie are fine and doing well. He lost his internet connection some time earlier today. He wanted their friends in the UK to know they're doing well.

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