03 August, 2007

Along with Good News Comes an Oweee

I was mounting up on my trustee steed to head into town with my shopping list for a weekly newspaper, loaf of bread, bottle of rum (this is all the major food groups, isn't it?), four cans of tuna for Miss Blue, a can of nuts. I was also going to check the mail.

Just as I was ready to start the motor, I heard the phone ring. Dianna answered it, listened for a bit, and said to the person on the other end, that I was just getting ready to head into town now, and that I could pick it up.

So, I waited till she hung up to see what I was going to be picking up. Dianna told me it had been Dr. Sheila on the phone and that the pills for Blue had just come in.

That was really good news. So, I fired up the motor and proceeded to head into Corozal. I had been meaning to take a shortcut dirt road into town to refresh my memory as to where it actually came out in town, so that's the way I went.

It was a little bumpy with potholes, but what road here isn't. As I got to a town street, I turned right and immediately realized this was the street Dr. Sheila's office and home was on. So, I stopped and turned around. I could see her house not more than 100 yards away. In my haste to get there and get the pills, I completely forgot about a rather large speed bump just yards away from her place. I saw it just in time to panic and lock the front brake. Needless to say, the scooter started to slide to the left, which meant I was going to the right... and down we went right before the speed bump. I landed on my right forearm and right knee and calf. I tried to roll but couldn't get away from the scooter.

There was a small child nearby who was the only witness to the incident. As I impacted the ground I remember hearing them scream... or was that me? He or she disappeared immediately afterwards.

After I realized I was in one piece, I stood up, and picked up the scooter. I immediately checked it to see if the handle bars were still reasonably lined up with the front wheel (it was). I noticed the headlight cowling was loose, but that the headlights were still functioning. I tried to start it, but the starter switch was now free-floating in the handlebar assembly. I grabbed the whole starter unit and squeezed. Vrooom, it fired right up. Cool. So, I mounted up and rode the 15 yards to Sheila's place.

Her dogs announced my presence (and having been warned by Sheila to not put a hand inside the gate to unlock it) I waited for Dr. Sheila to come to the gate to let me in. As she approached I told her I was there to pick up the pills and to hit her up for some first aid. By then we had gone into her office. She looked at my forearm and knee and invited me out onto her front porch where she liberally dowsed me with a medical cleaner solution. Sheila said it shouldn't hurt, but she couldn't guarantee it, since it was meant for animals and she had never used it on a human. It didn't hurt, and actually felt pretty good.
My Oweee - Not for the Squeamish
She advised me to put some ointment on it when I got home. Now, where else can you and your pet be treated by the same doctor? Is this a great feature or what? I think that's something that would catch on in the States... A truly "family" doctor. I paid Sheila for the pills and zoomed off to check the mail and get the other stuff on the list. I did forget one thing - the newspaper.

After I got home I showed Dianna my wounds and asked her to smear some Neosporin Ointment on my arm and leg. She suggested i take a shower and clean the wounds first. I did just that. Then she spread the ointment liberally. I hope that will help keep the scab soft and flexible so it doesn't crack too bad.

Now, I just need to figure out a way to get the scooter hauled over to Orange Walk to San Sing's to see if they can fix the cowling and ignition switch.

I suppose Monday I need to see Dr. Allen again and ask if I need to get a tetanus shot. If it isn't one thing, it's something else.

At least Miss Blue has her meds now and can get back to being her usual self.

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