31 July, 2007

Long Green Slitherin' Thing

This morning, just as I was getting done with my first shower of the day, Dianna hollered to me that there was another snake on the patio, a big one... a big green one!

I grabbed a towel and came trotting out to see what it looked like. Wow, it was big. Not as big around as the Fer-de-Lance I had killed a couple of weeks ago, but about twice and long as it was. And a pretty green and yellow longitudinal striping, with a green head that in the right light almost glowed a bright metallic blue.

He was positioned right outside the front door and was staring intently at something in the flower bed right beside the door. Being big and brave, whipped off my towel (truthfully, I never had it on) and waved it at him. Immediately he retreated to the green and purple plants (I don't know what they are) alongside the patio palapa. After I beat a retreat back into the bedroom and got dressed (which consisted of my daily uniform - shorts and t-shirt), I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of him.
A willing subject striking a fearsome pose
He was a most cooperative subject too. Pretty much staying in the same pose, just swinging his head around to keep an eye on what I was doing, I was able to take several neat shots of him (or her).
Almost Blending In
After getting done dressing, I got onto the Internet, looked up Belize Snakes (or variations thereof) and as close as I could tell from that, it appears as though our visitor is a Parrot Snake. Why they're called that I don't know. It said they eat mostly frogs and such.

I also decided that after we got back from shopping, I was going to dive into the stuff we still have packed from the States, and try to find my Animals of Belize and Guatemala book, so I can make a proper identification of our visitor.

As we left to head into town to do some shopping to get stuff for us (microwave popcorn - you know, the really important stuff) and to get some things for Miss Blue (condensed milk, yogurt, potted meat, etc.), we saw he was still in the planting bed.

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