04 July, 2007

Une Femme de Ménage

Mma. Precious Ramotswe, Heroine of the First Ladies Detective Agency series of novels, by Alexander McCall Smith, said, in one of the stories, when people in Botswana had enough money to be able to hire help, such as a cleaning person, or gardener, etc., it was their responsibility to hire that help, even if they felt the help wasn't really needed. It's done more as a social responsibility to help spread the wealth by providing employment. A nice concept

We're following Mma. Ramotswe's advice... We've just recently hired a cleaning lady, Edna Magana. We met Edna when we were staying at the Copa Banana. She works there three days a week. She also cleans for English Paul. It'll be nice. I'm sure she'll probably doe a better job than we do.

For this house, it's probably overkill for us to have hired Edna, but looking down the road, when we get our other house, she will be very welcome. Also, looking further down the road... we're getting older, so this service will be something very much welcome as time goes on.

A final note - if you haven't read the First Ladies Detective Agency series, do yourself a favor and find them.

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