02 July, 2007

Some New Arrivals In Our Neighborhood

We've got a some new arrivals in our neighborhood. A pair of (I think) Broad Winged Hawks (Buteo Platypterus - courtesy of my Birds of Belize book, which is just excellent) just within the past week have taken up residence in our area. They spend a great deal of time on this pole at the end of our driveway, calling to each other.

They're close enough that I stood on the front porch and shot these pictures with the good camera and lens.
A Visiting Pair
Here's a couple of shots of the male (I think) looking cool and prancing around on the top of the pole. One or the other usually spends hours each day there just surveying their domain.
Top o the World
Of course, these visitors drive all the other birds bonkers with their very presence. It's fun to watch the little birds attempt to frighten these big ones away - to no avail. They do get the hawks to duck and turn away once in a while.
Looking for Lunch
It's funny because the little birds actually try to attack the pair to scare them away, whereas, the large black birds and the Crested Guans simply content themselves with posturing from a safe distance.

According to the book, they'll be around till March and then they'll be on their way back north to the northern US and Canada.

It's time for Mr. Nature to take a nap now.

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