15 July, 2007

My take on Country Club

Okay, I've had it with Yin's (Dave's) dialog. It's time for Yang's viewpoint. That's me, Dianna. I know many of you are saying it's about time. But I have been busy (yawn). Anyway, I just wAnted to give you my slant on today's visit to the Xiabe Country Club. First off, the only thing clubby about it was the name. The ride to it was on a very bumpy road, my ass is sore from the hellholes and the dog attacked my sandal like it was a chew toy!

When we finally found the place the only thing good was the pool, but did we bring out suits - nooooo, so we watched the kids swim - again. I have yet to step a foot into water except for the puddles we run into full of rain water.

When we got our meal, we had to take one hand to eat and the other to fight off flies. They won! The "restaurant" was a huge open area with plywood decor, along with plastic outdoor chairs that you find growing in fields, I swear! The food was being cooked on a barbeque under the palapa and all the smoke did nothing to keep the wildlife (flies) away.

The food was cheap though, which only makes it seem worthwhile. I am telling you all this so that if you come here you won't be swayed by Yin's take on Belize. Just need to give everyone a dose of reality.

But, actually it is really cool here and I wouldn't trade it for the world - maybe a cold shower but not for the world!

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Anonymous said...

know that road well guys soon as you see the darn dog open the throttle to full!!!
You can always come splash in our pool!!!