16 July, 2007

Elusive B.E. L. and Others Finally Located

Ah, the wonders of modern navigation and correct directions... It never ceases to amaze me. Finally, after several days searching for the local Corozal Town office of Belize Electric, Ltd. (BEL), I found it - and re-found the local Belikin distributor - Bowen and Bowen, and the local armory? camp? compound? of the Belize Defense Forces (BDF). I say re-found, because when we first arrived here, Greg of Belize North Real Estate, took me up there to get a case of beer. I hadn't been able to find it since.

BEL was a bit more difficult. I didn't notice it on my first trip through there. And this morning, it wasn't any easier. Finally, I stopped adjacent to a really faded sign anging on a fence across from the Belikin bottler. If you really squinted you could almost make out that years ago, it may have said Belize Electric, Ltd.

I needed to find BEL to restart the process of getting a transformer installed near our property so we can actually have juice at the new house. I had a response letter from BEL to Craig and Mae, the previous owners, but it was over a year old, so the prices were out of date. I now have to wait for a Mr. Rosado to rework the numbers and get back to me so we can get that ball re-rolling.

I was also interested in confirming where the Belikin bottler was because we've been saving bottle caps from Coke in the assumption that a program they had some time back either is in effect or might be for the Christmas holidays. That is, for every 6 bottle caps for Coke you turn in along with $1.00BZ, you get a nice heavy Coke glass. We've got enough bottle caps for about a case of glasses. Not that we drink Coke that much, but our grounds keeper, Cody, goes through two or three a day. It mounts up.

I wanted to find the Belize Defense Forces base because eventually, I want to see if I can acquire a BDF t-shirt. I think that'd be cool. I'm also going to try to find one for the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) (, located down at Price Barracks in Ladyville, just outside of Belize City. That'd be cool, too.

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