28 June, 2007

We Need a Vacation

Ah, the stresses of living in paradise. We knew it was getting to us last Sunday as we sat on the deck at Tony's after having pancakes and waffles for breakfast. I had inadvertently spilt a couple drops of syrup on the table. Before more than a minute or two had elapsed, out comes a troop of miniature ants from the innards of the table to clean up the mess.

Here's a picture of the little guys hard at work. It's probably a pretty easy life for them. Fresh food deliveries several times each day. Just send out the clean-up crew to do their thing.
Tiny Ants Hard At Work On Our Table
We had been talking about taking a road trip to Shipyard, going by bus, so that we could check out the Mennonite construction facilities there. Somehow, we decided a quick couple of days in San Pedro would be fun before doing the Shipyard trip.

Back to the ants... Watching the ants, we realized the minutia of daily life here in Corozal was exacting its toll on us. We needed relief. We needed a vacation!

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