24 June, 2007

A Hard Day's Night

Ah, nothing like relaxing around the old camp fire after a hard day's hunting and stuff.
Here's the crew, almost too relaxed, enjoying watching the tube.
Just Before Bed
Thanks to Tony, our landlord, we have DirecTV to watch. It's ok, but, we all agree, it would be better to have local TV stations for local information. That's really a limitation as far as we can see.

Yawn, well, it's time for bed.

1 comment:

  1. Dennis Kennedy26/6/07 20:36

    Hi Guys,
    I've been checking the blog from time to time for a while now and frankly was getting a little concerned that you guys were having entirely too much fun! Going for dinner here, breakfast there, Baracuda and wine (jealous..) etc. etc. etc. and narry a word about the HOUSE!!!
    I feel much better now, almost relieved, to see that some work is actually being done, I was afraid you had all succumbed to Belizian lethargy and were doomed to live in a tent or something come November.

    Keep up the good work :<) !



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