07 June, 2007

So, It's Come Down to This...

Here we are in the land of milk and honey, almost homeless. Many thanks to these kind folks (Don and Shelly) who've loaned us the use of their trailer. Otherwise, it'd be out in the cold cruel world - and I do mean cold. It amazes me how quickly we become unused to local weather - I mean, we were only gone 30 days, for cripe's sake!

I made use of my Joby Gorillapod tripod thingy ( to capture myself hard at it updating the blog. It almost seems like one of those circular reference errors I used to get in computer programming classes. If that doesn't make sense, you probably had to have been there... never mind.
Working on the Blog in Don and Shelly's RV Trailer
Dianna is somewhere under the quilt on the right sleeping. She's done amazing well, ignoring me as I putter about at "oh-dark-thirty" every morning. Making coffee and cranking up the computer.
Home for a couple of Days Prior to Departure for Belize
As an aside, I've found another Website that I found to be intriguing. It's about something called "steampunk" - which, in this instance, is basically taking modern stuff, computers, appliances, etc., and modding (or as we used to say in the model railroad field, "bashing") them to look like something else, modding them to look like something out of the Victorian era (See the Wikipedia entry at ( for a thorough primer on steampunk and scifi and Neal Stephenson. If you haven't read anything by him, get cracking). Check out the Steampunk Workshop Website at ( Especially the steampunk LCD, and the steampunk keyboard mod articles. Wow!

Here's another shot of our digs, complete with the old-folks lineup of drug bottles. It's amazing how quickly one moves from being young and pain/carefree to some doddering old fart making sure their collection of pills and salves are readily at hand.
Doing the Final Getting Ready Stuff
Another view of us getting all our stuff organized to travel. I'm afraid our checked baggage this time will be over the weight limit - at least mine will be. I've got it packed with a network router, modem, tools, parts of this and that, clothes, pill bottles, papers, books, computer wiring, power strip, and assorted junk. I do have the good luck kitty from my and Owen's California trip aboard in my carry-on pack, so that's been looked to.
Made Sure All the Electronics Were Packed
Today, I'll take some final shots of the duplex. Poor kitties, still have to live there, it's getting to be pretty bare. I can only imagine what they're thinking. Just wait. Today, they go to the Vet for their shots and certificates and Midas gets a haircut

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