08 June, 2007

Midas and His Summer Costume, Certificates

Before and after. I'm not sure if he's embarrassed or not. I know he's got to feel better without all that knotted hair on his back. That had to be uncomfortable. Right now, I'm sure he's feeling a tad cool, but he'll be very comfy down in Belize. I couldn't get the photo colors to match up for these two.
Midas, Still With All His Hair
Is This Somebody's Idea of a Joke?
I'll admit he does look a little (lot) funny. Talk about Puss In Boots! While he was getting his haircut, Dr. Mitchell removed a cyst from his right thigh. It was benign, but Dr. Mitchell said it's better to do that and be sure than not.

I just hope we don't run into problems with BAHA. Their Conditions Statement that accompanies the permit states "The pet animal is in good health, free of signs of infectious and contagious disease, free of ticks and has no fresh wound or wound in the process of healing".

I guess one way to look at it is it's not a wound, it's a surgical result... Well, we'll see what happens. Too late now to opt for another course of action.

Anyway, we got the rabies certificates and tags and the International Health Certificate, so they should be good to go. We opted not to get tranquilizers for them. Dr. Mitchell feels that it's too hard on their systems, they already have low blood pressure, and the meds only lower it more. Hopefully everything will work out fine. We'll let you know.

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Jay said...

I think I would tell the BAHA authorities that you are bringing in a rare Albino Tiger to keep on the roof of Frank's Meat Products shop. See the story about the Mexican man who did the same in
Mexico City
. Best of luck to you both and keep up the great work on the blog...
- Jay