01 May, 2007

Our Rental, The Klasens, Cody and Monique

Tony and Nelly Klasen, a Dutch couple, that have lived here part-time for nine years, were kind enough to rent their house to us for the six months that they will be in Holland.
Tony and Nellie, Our Landlords
They spend half of each year here or there. This is the first time they have rented out their property, so we feel priveledged and lucky. Perfect timing for us. If everything works out, we should just about have our house completed when they come back in November.

At the time we met the Klasens, we also met Cody and his daughter, Monique. Monique is 4 years old and is quite the looker.
Cody, the Caretaker and His Daughter, Monique

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