01 May, 2007

Initial Blush of a House Plan

So, here's another update. We met this morning for about two hours with Manuel Catch and decided he's going to be our builder. He's a very nice man. Manuel's been a contractor for about three years. Prior to that, he worked in construction for several years.

We purchased some basic house design software over the Internet (Fast Plans 11.1), which worked pretty good to give us a talking drawing and where we could include all our wants to provide a starting point.

Manuel is contacting an associate of his for us, a school teacher who draws up house plans. He'll work with us to develop the formal plans.
First Shot At a House Plan (the Mansion)
The above is our first cut (more or less) of plans, so we'll go from there. Of course, there'll be a few more posts as we go through this whole process.

Anyway, we're off to a good start. All we have to do now is actually close on the property. Keep your fingers crossed.

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