22 April, 2007

Transferring Money Via Debit Card

More on the vehicle. I have possession of it now, but what a rigmarole getting to that point.

Jesus and I met at about 0900 yesterday. Of course, I was there at 0830 as we had agreed - silly of me. We went to Scotiabank, Jesus's bank, and waited in line to make the money transfer. I was planning to use my debit card and just transfer $9000BZ to his account. Wrong. It seems dear old Uncle Sam only allows a $500US daily transfer limit.

Well, that kinda put a damper on things right away. Doing it that way would take nine days to make up$9000BZ. And we needed a vehicle right away.

So, Jesus and I went outside the bank and talked for a bit. We eventually agreed that I'd transfer the $500US and cash in some traveler's checks. That'd get us to about half of the amount. And we'd figure out how to do the rest of it later.

We went back in the bank, got in line again, and waited our turn. When we got to the teller, I gave him my card and my driver's license. He said something to the effect, "Just a minute. I'll check and see if we can do something". I had no idea what. So we waited...

He came back after about 5 minutes (nothing happens speedily, or the way you'd think it should) he came back and said because of their long-standing business relationship with Mr. Alcoser (Jesus), the bank was willing to hit my card for two days worth of transfers of $2500BZ each, that day, and we could do it again on Tuesday...

Huh? I thought they had just told me I could do a max of $500US per day. But we could now do $2500BZ twice in one day? I'm pretty sure that's $5000BZ, which equates, if I'm right, to about $2500US. Granted, that's two days transactions - Saturday's and Monday's, hence, doing it again on Tuesday.

Ummm, OK. Yeah, let's do it that way. So we did, and I gave Jesus $5000BZ. I got the SUV, as Jesus said I "owned more of the car than he did, now". We'll meet again at 0830 Tuesday morning, go to the bank, and do exactly the same thing again. I'll pay Jesus the remaining $4000BZ, and take the remainder and open an account with Scotiabank.

So, what ever happened to the rule of $500US per day? I haven't a clue. Apparenly, it's only a rule that doesn't apply in every situation - or something.

Anyway, it'll be a done-deal Tuesday. After the bank, Jesus and I will go to the Transport Department, transfer title, I'll get new Belize plates (it currently has a Texas plate on the front, nothing on the back), then go to the insurance agent and buy a year's worth of insurance. Then I'll fully own the rig.

Where'd the back plate go? I have no idea. If I drove it to the states I'd probably go to jail for grand theft auto. I've wondered why I don't need to use headlights at night here...

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