22 April, 2007

Change Three and Buying A Car

We're not going to bring a vehicle down here. We're going to ship everything down, ship the kitties, and fly ourselves down.

I was going to write "After we get here, we'll buy a new Toyota HiLux 4x4, which will cost less than buying a vehicle stateside, driving or shipping it, and paying duty on it". Change #1 - We bought a vehicle yesterday, a Isuzu Rodeo. It's a 1996 four-cylinder, 4x4, black, and seems to be in pretty good condition. I bought it from a Belizian here in Corozal. He runs a new business here in town, a restaurant/ice cream parlor (why do they call them "parlors"?). His name is Jesus (Spanish pronunciation).
Jesus In His Ice Cream Shop
I'm meeting him this morning (Saturday, April 21) at 0830 to go to his bank to transfer the funds ($9000BZ or $4500US) from my debit card to his account. Then I will have to get insurance and on Monday morning, Jesus and I both have to go to the local Dept. of Transport office to transfer title.

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