05 August, 2018

Laundry Day at Casa Winjama

It happens every now and then. Well, pretty much weekly. Laundry. All the salt stains and sweat have to be washed out of everything you wear here, especially this time of year. But, since our uniform of the day consists mainly of swimsuits, shorts, Tees, and polo shirts, doing the laundry becomes a fairly cut and dried affair.

Thankfully, it's a task with willing assistance.

For example, Admiral Lord Nelson sees it as his beholden duty to make sure the hamper is sufficiently tamped down so that nothing will fall out en route to the laundry room.
Nelson Doing His Part
I managed to carry the hamper with him in it the full length of the house. It wasn't until I set it down in the laundry room that he decided he'd had enough of that falderol and jumped out. Since he weighs on the order of twenty one or so pounds, he adds significantly to the hamper load.

It's not a very clear photo. I tried sharpening it up, but no go for that. What can I say?

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