23 December, 2017

We Had Hi-igh Hopes...

Yes, we had hi-igh hopes. High apple pie in the sky-ye hopes
All the Long-Awaited New Parts

That was how it seemed when I started working on the main pool pump right after breakfast. As you can see at the left, all the brand new parts for the main pool pump, including the seal pieces right up front. That was what was holding the whole production up, waiting to get those two little bits in.

But then, as I worked to dismantle the motor from the rest of the pump body, bad news just came rolling in.

Center Bolt Thing Had to be Removed
First off, I had to loosen what looks like a bolt in the image at left. That part should be buried inside the impeller. That is, it should be bonded with the plastic of the impeller so that it is one piece. That was where the impeller sheared off leaving the bolt thing tightly on the shaft. the big round part of the impeller is what freewheeled and began destroying the diffuser. That is when I got involved after hearing the racket.

I had to open the back end of the motor to get a wrench in to hold the shaft still while I hopefully loosened the center bolt thing.

Doing that let me see just how bad the motor really was. Plastic parts making up the electrical bits of the motor were cracked badly and in a couple of cases, as I loosened the screws holding them in place, bits of plastic fell out, allowing the whole component to essentially disintegrate. The white piece of plastic in the photo below should be oriented a bit differently than it is. Of course, it should also be in one piece.
Bad News At the Back End
It soon became apparent that the motor was not going to be working anymore - ever.

Initially, I was afraid I'd have to replace the whole pump, motor and all. It quickly became apparent that I should just have to replace the motor and a few parts in addition to all the parts I already had.

My task now at hand was to remove that pesky bolt thing from the shaft, which would allow me to salvage the seal plate and the motor mounting plate and four bolts. Altogether, about $100.00 US worth of parts.

I finally got that loose, which was no easy task, and managed to salvage the two plates and bolts. So, All I have to do now is buy a new motor and a little rubber part, like a flat washer, called a 'slinger.'

The new motor will run about $210.00 US and the slinger will run $4.00 US. A lot better than what I thought was going to be a complete pump/motor replacement for around $400.00 US.

Of course, those costs will vary, depending on where I can get the motor. If Island Pool has one in stock, that will add about another $100.00 US to the cost. It will be about the same if I have to order the motor from the States. Possibly more, as I would have to add in GST (Goods and Services Tax) Sales Tax, Duty, and Environmental Fees.

What is attractive with Island Pool, is if they have it in stock, I can be up and running in a day or two. No matter how it goes with stateside ordering, it's about a month away from being able to do anything.

And since this is the Saturday before Christmas, Island isn't open today. I have to wait till Wednesday for them. I could order from the states right now, but that delay is daunting.

Nothing for it right now except to have a nice cold Belikin and hopefully watch the pool temp go up with the new addition to the heater.

Have a great weekend, a wonderful Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.


Winjama said...

And, once again, Julian manages to 'post' the phantom comment. Here is his comment in its entirety:

JRinSC has left a new comment on your post "We Had Hi-igh Hopes...":

Hi Dave!
You must have quite a supply of salvaged pool doohickey things like pumps, pipes, vacuums, etc. by now... and yet, if you are like me - there is ALWAYS one more part needed that slows down the process.
Oh well, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Posted by JRinSC to Winjama at 23/12/17 22:03

Winjama said...

And, my reply to his 'phantom' comment. I have no idea why his comments, likely as not, fail to appear as posted.

Hi Julian,
Well, you might very well think that. I couldn't possibly... (I love that phrase, used by the British Whip, then Prime Minister, Francis Urquhart, in House of Cards).

I don't have near as many spare parts laying around, I use them. Stuff keeps breaking. That, and I have instituted a semi-rigorous process of purging the odd bit and bob. Otherwise, yes, I'd be drowning in an ocean of spare and useless parts, pieces, and things.
Likewise, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.