11 December, 2017

Looking Back

One of the problems of getting old is becoming obsolete. Not me, of course. It's my technology.

The Old Photo Box
I was rooting around in one of our boxes of photos Dianna and I have. It's this one on the left. You know the box. Everyone has had one at one time or another, full of photos that you intended to put into albums. Somehow, the contents of that box just grew and grew, until it became too daunting to even consider.

Anyway, over the years, and various glitches with computers, hard drive crashes, lost files, etc., I realized I had lost a sizeable collection of vacation photos. I had captured most of the ones I was looking for on little 'mini' CDs, that held around 120Mb of data. They were the hot thing at the time.
Just Like My Mavica
I had purchased a brand new Sony Mavica camera for the vacation specifically so I could capture a lot of photos in very little space. Of course, within a year, it was displaced by something smaller, faster, more convenient and so on.

Anyway, I knew I had saved those mini CDs, so I was fairly sure I could replace the lost photos off the CDs.

So, I was rooting around in the box, looking for the CDs when I came upon this stack of 3.5" floppies. These are from the same trip the CDs are supposed to cover.

I don't remember taking any photos with a film camera on that trip. I must have because getting a floppy disk back instead of prints was the new thing, and here they are.

Photos Trapped By Obsolescence
I'm hoping to be able to find someone in the local Corozal area who is either still using floppies in their PC or that has an external floppy drive so that I can capture these long lost gems.

Oh, before I forget. That gold-colored CD in the background. That too has photos.from that same trip. Now, what's weird is that around that time, I did have a Macintosh computer, an SE-30. But it only used Mac 3.5" floppies, never had the capability of using mini or regular-sized CDs. I'd like to recover these photos as well.

That's probably going to be easier than recovering the photos off the floppies. Anyway, the search is on.

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