08 December, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday, 07, (Pearl Harbor Day) and Thursday, 08 December, 2016, . After a pause for remembrance, work continued at Casa Winjama. Today, the welder showed up to work on the ramp railings. Bani, the electrician/plumber, was also there finishing up a bunch of little electrical things, like porch lights, speaker, outlets, switches, and so on.

Carlos the Welder
Carlos the Welder showed up with his two-man crew to cut and welt the basic frame of each section of railing for the east-side ramp.

Once those are welded together, he'll take the frames back to his shop, and add the inside posts. After that, he'll apply Ospho to each surface of the frames, prime them, and finally coat them with Rustoleum Gloss Black.

Assistants Positioning a Shield
Carlos' assistants positioning a sheet of aluminum they use to protect the deck from welding sparks, etc.

Bani Working the Electrics
Bani ready to replace one of the porch lanterns. He took the trouble to clean off all the corrosion on each of them and give them a nice, new coat of gloss black. They look positively new.

Brand New Looking Good
Just an aside here. I think I'm getting the technique down with the bread machine. Here's my latest loaf cooling on the rack. Tastes as good as it looks.

Fencing Frames for the Ramp
Here's some of the sum of the Carlos the welder's labors - frames for the ramp railing. He'll take those back weld in the inside pieces, prime and paint everything, then bring them back and install them.

Porch Lantern Good as New
 One of the lanterns all shiny, shiny, in place and working. Looking good too.

Speakers Once Again!
Most importantly, the stereo speaker is reinstalled and works great too. Nothing like being in the pool with some reggae pumping through the speakers.

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