02 December, 2016

Rainy Thursday

Thursday, 01 December, 2016, near the end of the workweek. Of course, it has to rain. Off and on, vigorously at times, others just a slight misting.

New Ramp Customized by Nelson
Yesterday evening, shortly after the workers left for the day, I heard Nelson meow loudly and then a sort of crash. What it was, I think, was that Nelson, didn't think a barricade to keep him out was a big deal. He proceeded to climb over it, and it collapsed, causing some scrapes and scratches on the newly poured ramp. Oh, yes. There were also a couple of incriminating kitty foot prints there as well. No harm done in the long term anyway.

Just about ready to start laying block
Rene is setting up a string line getting ready to start laying blocks to rebuild the wall. Progress is moving along.

Pump House Water Source
 I saw what appears to be a leak in the pump house, but I think it's rainwater collecting in the trough of the waterfall and since the pipe isn't hooked up, the water is simply coming back down the pipe and draining into the pump house.

Doggie Barricade
Since it was a gray day, and the fact that every time the workers began to do something, the heavens opened up, they decided that today probably wasn't the best to try and work.

They packed up early and erected a workable barricade across the opening, combining chain line and plastic sheeting. Very effective. Maybe things will be better tomorrow.

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