24 December, 2016

Friday Before Christmas Gets Here

Man! Thursday and Friday were hub-bubs of activity. Again, we had Carlos the welder, working on ramp railings, pump house door, and circular stairs; We had the carpenters finishing up the screen doors with moulding and touch-up; Mario's crew worked on everything else - acid washing the pool, finishing Diamond Briteing the bull-nose alongside the waterfall, cleaning the deck and ramps, fixing a floor drain on the patio, installing doggie doors in the screen doors, cool color-changing light for the waterfall, cleaning debris, filling the filter with sand, getting ready for the roof fabric, etc., etc.

Rumor has it that water gets in the pool today! So, on that note, on with the day's activities.

Just A Bit More to Go
Nearing the end with the Diamond Brite application. It's gone fairly quickly, and just looks super.

Acid Washing
Acid-washing the Diamond Brite. Helps remove the white cement film from Diamond Brite's crystals.

Adding Sand to the Filter
Bani adding six-and-a-half bags (325 lbs) of sand to the filter.

Mario Working On Hinges
Mario working on the doggie doors for the screen doors. He wanted to fancy up the hinges, but the tried and true barn-type hinges worked best in the end.

Three-Way Valve
All the piping is hooked up now. Bani had been waiting for the large three-way valve in the center of the photo. That also serves as the incoming shut-off for the main pump.

Roof Arrives
Our roof has arrived. Well, almost. It still needs to go to whoever Mario has doing the sewing for it, to be sized right and to also get the grommets set.

Roof Being Test Fit
It will look good once it's installed. Then, essentially, no more bugs in the pool area.

Acid Wash In Progress
Mario manning the sprayer for the muriatic acid, and Rene on the rinse hose. The acid wash simply removes the haze film and lets more of the blue from the Diamond Brite crystals (whatever they're made from) shine through.

New Addition
Bani cast another bit of concrete to square up the raised area where the pump motors sit. Just cleans it up a bit.

Doggie Doors
We now have doggie doors installed on both screen doors. They've done a very nice job on both, and they work very well.

The dogs are still getting used to them. Not that they don't have any familiarity with doggie doors, we already have two elsewhere in the house. But even something familiar, in a new location, presents a challenge to dogs that has to be dealt with. Deeohgee was the first of the girls to go through one of these new doors. I don't think either Secret or Bella has done it yet.

Cleaning Lids
Cleaning up the skimmer and the floor drain covers. They both got spattered with concrete and Diamond Brite and just a few months of grunge. The guys also spiffed up the skimmer itself. Everything looks brand new.

New Hinges
The pump house door is now sporting three of the new 'Welder's' hinges. Thanks to the hole in the top, it's easy to lube them. Just that alone should make these hinges outlast the old style by many years.

Landing Opening
Carlos, the welder is knocking a hole in the roof edging to facilitate a landing for the circular stairs.

Cutting Door Trim
The carpenters did an outstanding job on the two screen doors. They came back today to finish their part of the project, adding on some edge moulding and touching up some nicks.

Venturi Control
They've even put Diamond Brite around the edge of the holes for the spa jet venturi controls.

Getting Rid of Waste Water
Final cleanup underway in the pool prior to beginning the filling.

Man the Pump
Somebody still has to make sure the small pump is sucking up the waste water from the cleaning process. A necessary, but not very exciting, part of the job.

Moving Stairs-1
- Courtesy Denis Patterson
Thanks to Denis, he captured bringing the circular stairs from under Elsie's palapa to its final position.

Moving Stairs-2
- Courtesy Denis Patterson
Moving the circular stairs involved most of the crew. Of course, there's lots of supervisors too. It's up, but there's still a ways to go. Finally. Looks like it's going to fit.

Looks very tropical
And here we are with it in place. It's looking good too. Kind of a graceful curve to the sky.

Just Got To Cut This Bit Out

Working on the mounting bracket to hold it steady. Need just a bit more block edging taken out.

Nice and Sturdy
Looking quite nice. Like we really intended for it to be there all along.

The Rumor Was Right!
Hey, there's actually water going into the pool. I started filling at 8:00 PM. It's now 5:30 AM and there's probably another hour or so to go. It takes a long time to fill nine-thousand gallons.

Thankfully, we don't have to do this very often.

Applying the Eyeball Fittings
One of the last things done in the pool is applying the five 'eyeball' fittings to the pipes entering the pool.

The only one left to do is the vacuum door that screws on. That'll happen in the morning.

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