14 November, 2016

Where We Wanted To Be In August

This is Monday,  14 November, 2016. The day in Belize that employment reports are due to Social Security for the month. More a reminder to myself to not forget to submit my report today.

Endher Smoothing Rough Spots
Endher in the pool, smoothing rough spots. Rene in the pool laying out lines with the water level for the tile run around the pool.

This is exactly where we wanted to be last August. It's taken this long to get to this point. A lot of work and a lot a materiel. But we're here now, and it feels really nice that work is p

Rene Holding the Water Level
A tool that has been used almost from the beginning of time. The water level still is a hard-to-beat tool. Laser would work, but you'd have to use it at night as the sunlight is too bright to see.

I have a laser guide on my chop saw. I thought it was broken for the first several months I used the saw down here. I usually set it up out in the breezeway to avoid sawdust in the workshop. One day I needed to make just one cut, so i cheated and set up in the shop. Imagine my surprise, when, WOW! There was a laser line right where it should be and really a nice, bright red. It had been working all along. It's just in this bright tropical sunlight, it washes out and disappears completely.

At the Other End - Mark It
A slow process, going all around the pool, marking the level. But, it is accurate. The problem, every time you move the level, you have to wait for it to settle down so you can get an accurate read of the level location.

Removing Waterfall Edge Form
The right side of the waterfall has the same bull-nosing as the pool. The form is being removed this morning.

Here It Comes Free
Took a bit of work to pry it free, even after all the screws were removed. But it finally popped free.

Catch It!
With this detail shot, you can see how it will smooth the corner. I don't know if they're going to Diamond Brite it or if they're going to do the terracotta plaster. Stay tuned.

Trimming Pool Tiles
Things begin to move fast again. Endher has been busy cutting sheets of the blue tiles into three-tile strips. I think they will look good. We already have them up in the kitchen and pool bathroom, so it should look like things are blended.

Guide Going Up All Around
First up, more wood pieces are nailed up to serve as guides for the tiles as they go up around the pool. Steps, spa, and the pool itself get tiles.

Even the steps leading edges, will have two tiles on the facing edge. That is, if you're standing in front of the steps, you will see two rows of tile on each step. Additionally, if you are up above, looking down on the stairs, you will see one row defining the edge of each step.

If you are in the spa, the spa seat will be defined the same way - two on the face and one on the top. Should look nice.

Tiles Being Applied
And here they are, being applied already. This part of the project should move quickly. Sure looks good, and once the Diamond Brite is applied, Wow!

Left Waterfall Edge Form Up
The left side bull-nose edging for the waterfall is up and soon will be filled with concrete. I'm guessing the tiles will be going up on the waterfall soon as well.

Tile On Stairs and Spa
The tile job is moving fast. Already around the top of the stairs and the spa. It's really looking good too. Can't wait for it to be finished. It'll be interesting to see what all gets done tomorrow.

Bull-Nose Makes the Turn
The Bull-nose from the pool edge takes a turn, a nicely finished turn too. That is really going to look good.


Wilma said...

Love the bullnose - it so very finished and professional - and the strips of blue tile are fab.

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,
Thanks. I love it too. The only time I think that I've seen it before is in pools that have concrete tile edging on the pool. I don't think I've seen it as an integral part of the deck before.

I think the blue tiles bring it to life and will help unify it with the house.

Glad you like it.