23 November, 2016

Tuesday, Tuesday

Here we are, at Tuesday, 22 November, 2016.

We got off swimmingly. Nelson was able to get into the basement for his daily constitutional. He's a happy camper. We have screens going in. It's starting to really look official now.

Shade Cloth Screens Going In
This view is looking outside on the west side from the ramp top landing. The shade cloth screening and frames really give it a finished look.

The View From Inside
Here's the same side, but from the inside now. Really gives a finished look to things, brings it all together.

Across the Back Side
This is the view along the back or north side. The last screen will probably go in tomorrow. They had to wait for the texturing to be applied to the wall right beside the waterfall to get the correct measurement for the frame.

Finishing Pressure-Washing
Pressure washing of the deck and ramps is almost done. Heading down the east ramp.

Pressure-Washing the Pool
And now in the pool. Quite a lot of chipping debris still in the pool. It all has to be removed before Diamond Brite can be applied.

Adding Hydraulic Cement to Cracks
The cracks that were cleaned out earlier are now getting filled with hydraulic cement before the Diamond Brite is applied.

Installing East Screen Door Transom
Doorway transoms are being installed as we speak. Those are screened as well. It is really starting to look finished now.

Theo Texturing Left Side Waterfall
The texturing I mentioned is being applied by Theo. That will allow the last screen frame to be installed on Wednesday.

Mario Actually Working
Our contractor, Mario Zettina, brought a case of glass blocks for the narrow notch next to the waterfall. He's beginning to remove the white paint band from the blocks. This will be replaced with blue paint and will impart a blue tinge to the blocks. Since the blue paint is the same blue we're using for the project, everything will match.

Theo Textured Window Area
Theo finished up the texturing of the window on the back side of the pump house. It's a shame this whole side will seldom be seen by anyone. It looks nice.

Block Production Line
Mario shanghaied a couple of his employees to help with the block stripping and re-coloring project.

Almost Done
As you can see, this part of it is almost done. Next comes the installation of the blocks in the notch. The blocks will give a nice accompaniment to the waterfall.

East Side Screens
Here's a view of the screens from the east side. Looks just as dramatic as on the west side.

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