17 November, 2016

The Next Day, Wednesday

This posting covers everything, mas o menos, on Wednesday, 16 November, 2016.

First Screen Frame Being Stained
The first screening frame is being stained. A right regular carpentry shop has been set up under the parking palapa.

New Sawhorses
A couple of sawhorses have made their appearance. I may see about keeping a couple of those when the project is done.

Gastronomic Break
Bread Machine In Action
I gave another go at bread making. I have the knack down reasonably well for a two-pound loaf of bread. This was my third loaf. Each one has gotten better as far as texture and color.

On the other hand, I've tried twice to make dough for dinner rolls. The first one, I did a few days ago. It came out like soup. I know I screwed up the recipe somewhere. Too much water, not enough flour, something. I panicked and it all went in the trash.

Second effort today, it actually rose. When it came time to pour it out for kneading, it was better than soup, but not by much. it almost went in the trash. But I had the oven on as I was doing some twice-baked potatoes for supper, so I poured the dough onto a greased sheet and stuck it in the oven, reducing the heat. The result, was a loaf that rose about an inch, and almost covered the entire sheet. Turned out tasty but kind of doughy/chewy, if that makes any sense.

Two things probably affected the outcome of that attempt. One, I probably used the wrong flour for dinner rolls. They should have a soft, almost creamy consistency. They had more a bread consistency. Two, was humidity. I'm going to have to reduce liquid content for rolls to come out. It doesn't seem like an issue for bread. Who knows?

Ok. Back to work now.

Masking Ramp For Texturing
Duct tape (the handyman's fried, according to Red Green) works well to mask off stuff like the ramp, in getting it ready to be textured on the sides.

Rene Applying First Coat of Plaster
Here Rene is putting the first coat of plaster up on the vertical parts of the ramp. Not the easiest plastering job to do.

April Inspecting the Work
Of course, at the end of the day, everyone gets to give the project a once-over and to voice their opinions on the project. April is less than impressed by what's going on and doesn't mind telling me. As long as she doesn't have to get her feet wet, she'll put up with the inconvenience.

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