07 November, 2016

Monday, Again And Tuesday

Monday, 07 November and Tuesday 08 November, 2016. Well, I've recovered full access to the blog (Whew!). I'm not sure how or why it happened, but, once I realized what happened, correcting it was fairly simple. My account got changed to another Google account that I have and I didn't notice it. Oh well, live and learn

I'm going to post a bunch of photos that really go with the post from last week. Especially the croc and the turtle. They're both cute. So, here goes.

Putting Up the Bull-nose Forms
Quite a novel solution to this situation. Using 3" PVC cut in half and mounted onto a piece of wood which is then fastened to the pool wall.

The only bull-nose I've seen before is concrete tiles positioned around a pool. This is quite a creative solution. It'll slope back gently from the pool edge to the far side of the deck. This should help keep debris from draining directly into the pool.

New Waterfall Pump
Just a shot to show the new ½ Hp water pump out of the box and in its planned location. We got it at Benny's in Belize City. Flotec and made in the USA (probably of Chinese components).

It's going to be operating off 220 VAC, so a little bit more cost savings on the electrical front.

Cut to Access Electrical Lines
A side project while all this is going on is changing the wiring for our main house. I had originally run it on 12 AWG from the main power panel in the Mennonite house, since at the time, the only thing the pool house was going to be used for was parties, etc.

After the new house got built, I realized it was drastically undersized. Cutting the wire and extracting them allowed Bani, the electrician to run new #6 house wire, this time from the power panel street-side, direct to the new house. This also meant a new meter, so we're now a two-meter family. The Mennonite house will be on it's own circuit as well.

Tarp Protecting This Side
Because of the failed paint on the metal beams (someone forgot to Ospho the beams before priming and final coat. They showed up with just the final coat on them. When it rained, the paint virtually began sloughing off and going all over the place.

To protect the house and doors, they put up the plastic as they were Osphoing, priming, and applying the final coat, all with spray gun.

New House Going Up Across Canal
Just a quick shot of a new house going up across the canal. they've been going like a house a-fire after a lengthy delay right in the beginning.

Scraping off the Old Finish
Activities today and Tuesday focused mainly on the metal crew removing the faulty paint and then Osphoing, priming, and final coating the beams. There were some things that could be done in the vicinity of the work, but also some things that had to wait till it was done.

Sample Stamping - Light Color
Although it's hard to tell the difference, both sample stampings are different colors. The upper one just has the powdered pigment coloration and a white mold release powder. The mold release washes off.

Sample Stamping - Dark Color
This one has the same color powdered pigment coloration, but has a purplish mold release, which also adds a slightly darker tint to the stamping. Dianna and I both like the darker one.

Trying Out Waterfall Tiles
Trying out the choice of waterfall stone/tile. The tiles are temporarily screwed into the greenboard mockup to see if they look as good as we hoped, and how water behaves by running a hose over them The tiles passed on all counts.

Waterfall Pipe Outlet
This is the level that the waterfall will start its cascade down to the pool. That piping will be hidden behind some rock tile. You'll see. It'll be great. The best (to quote someone).

Plastic and Steel Going Down
There's now a lot of steel in the deck, as well as plastic underlayment. All a rush to get ready to pour Wednesday morning.

Charlotte, Dianna, Yavette and Tree
They get together a couple times a week to craft. Today, they took a break and decorated our tree. Something Dianna and I haven't done in a few years. Kinda nice having it up, I must say.

Noel's First Night Here
Poor little kitty. A cute calico kitty, brought to us by our cleaning lady, Karen. It didn't take long for her to adapt. Bela ran over to her immediately and they've been fast friends ever since. Now, she's tearing around the living room, unless she's napping.

Smallish Croc
The guys, fishing during their lunch beak, managed to catch a young croc. I'm sure if we hadn't been there, it probably would have been someones' evening stew. They are proected her

Even Littler Turtle
This one is just like the kind you used to get at the five and dime store. You know, the kind with the plastic pond with a ramp and island with a plastic palm tree. We didn't keep him. He went right back into the canal, where his home is.

Oh, and before I forget, today is election day up in the States. We have hopes that Hillary will win, but we'll see. Dianna and I voted way back in September thanks to Washington State's progressive voting policies.

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