12 November, 2016

Friday - Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day

Please see my post on Remembrance Day:

Now we can go on with the day's posting. Friday, 11 November, 2016.

Pouring Base of East Ramp
The morning started off vigorously with the machine starting up on the first crank. Which meant that concrete was soon mixed and ready to be poured. This photo shows the first pour of the day.

Coloring the East Ramp Base
Shortly after that first pour was troweled, the colorant was sifted on. They use mesh shopping bags to shake and sift out the colorant powder.

Upper Slope West Ramp Poured
You can see by the shiny shiny of the upper slope that it's just been poured and troweled. Colorant has yet to be applied.

Waterfall Almost Ready for Tile
The blocks forming the backing for the waterfall are moving right along. There will be another row that actually covers the PVC tube in the picture.

let's see if I can describe how the water gets to the waterfall. First, they will cut a narrow channel in the PVC tube at roughly a 45 angle toward the front of the waterfall, running approximately the length of the tube. Then they are going to position the top row of rock tile so that it slants in toward the PVC tube. This forms a reservoir behind the waterfall face, which when full will allow water to overflow the face of the waterfall and to cascade randomly down the almost six feet of rock tile face into the pool itself.

At least that's the theory of operation. We might find out Saturday if that is how it's going to work. It'll be interesting in any case.

Also, Saturday, the deck and ramps will be pressure-washed. So, once that is done, we should have free use of the deck and the ramps. Dianna will be able to go easily down to the patio and down to the parking area. Both things she hasn't been able to do easily at all since her accident.

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