26 November, 2016

Friday, But

This is Friday, 25 November, 2016. But, what happened to Thursday? Well, I'll tell you. We told the workers that there wan't any working here this Thursday. We didn't open the gate. The girls didn't have to go in their pen. Nelson did talk me into opening the basement so he could go for his daily constitutional.

All that because we were going over to David and Elizabeth's, along with Colleen and Bruce, to have some good old fashioned turkey, home-made mashed potatoes, gravy, sauteed vegetables, and a ton of dinner rolls (that was what Dianna and I brought). I kinda over-estimated how many rolls each person would eat.

It was a really nice feast. Beforehand, David and Elizabeth put together a very tasty cheese and bread board, with various cheeses from the Farm House Deli, over in Belmopan. They come to Corozal every two weeks, setting up their tent and tables on the front lawn at the Corozal House of Culture. They've got great Belize-made cheeses, breads, meats, pickles, garlic, and a whole lot of stuff. It's worth your while to stop by.

So, on with the show.

Glass Blocks Being Textured
After masking off the block faces, Rene then proceeded to apply texture to the block concrete work. The surrounding area is masked off with plastic sheeting, since the process is inherently messy. The texture is applied with a flinging motion of the trowel. It's all in the wrist.

Rene Texturing the Other Side
Here Rene is texturing the other side of the blocks.

Diamond Brite Going On At Last
A little bit of Diamond Brite is making its appearance. The crew is applying it to the bull-nose and a one-foot wide area on the deck.

They won't be able to do the whole pool right now. There's a two-week backlog in obtaining Diamond Brite from Island Pool Supply.

Adding Diamond Brite To Pool Edge
So, along with doing the bull-nose Diamond Brite, they'll be able to hook up the water supply so that the pool and house will have equal feeds, the waterfall pump will be hooked up electrically and with water, the hole in the dock and the corner area of the fence will be finished. They'll also be applying the roof shade fabric. Then truly, applying Diamond Brite to the whole pool will be about the last part of the project.

Showing the Edge Masking
Here's a view showing the masking of the area to be done. If they have enough Diamond Brite to do the pool edge, then that will allow them to also apply sealer to the deck, which should really bring the deck to life.

Block Area is Finished
Here's a view of the blocks after texturing and removal of the masking. Looks pretty nice. It'll look even better with the waterfall in action.

Showing the Ramp-Side of the Blocks
Here's a view of the blocks from the patio side. As designers say, 'It makes a dramatic statement.' It looks good too.

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