19 November, 2016

And Then Friday Pops Up

Yes, indeed. It could have been Friday, the 13th, except it's the 18th, of November 2016. Something I can imagine one of the characters in Pogo saying.

4:00 AM  at Casa Winjama
Forecast low for this morning was supposed to be a chilly 66° (f). At 4:00 AM, when I opened the veranda big doors, the temp was 70° (f), still brisk if you sat out there for very long.

So, I came in and closed the doors where it was still nice and warm from the previous day. Dianna told me when I left it had dropped to 67° (f). I wore my fleece hoodie walking the girls. It was still brisk for most of the walk. Winter's on its way.

Now, I know for you folks who're from the northern climes, our low temp seems laughable. But when you've been sleeping with nighttime lows of 80° and 81° (f), down into the 60's is what you might call 'nipply.' We just are not equipped nor acclimatized for such cold temps.

Carpentry Shop and More Frames
As the workday begins, the temps get back up to normal in a hurry. The carpentry shop is glad for the shade as they build another screen frame.

Waterfall is Looking Good
The waterfall is looking good. Today was supposed to be the day of a test for it. And it was. Only without the pump hooked up. We used a hose, and waterfall performed spectacularly. It cascaded and tinkled and fell into the pool just the way we were hoping it would. Plenty of sound, but not to loud for even a quiet conversation.

We couldn't try out the pump for several reasons. One, the 22VAC line for it hasn't been hooked up to the pump motor yet; and Two, the water input line from the pool and the outfall to the waterfall itself haven't been hooked up. Even if they had, we still couldn't have used it as there's no water in the pool yet to draw from. So, the hose was a good second best.

Stair Nose Will Be Different Too
Rene has been busy tiling the stairs. Looking good and will be nice whether going into the pool or coming out.

First Glass Block On-Scene
The first of the glass blocks arrived and is roughly in place. There'll be about nine of them running vertically up from that one. When they're all plastered and textured in place, they should look great.

Painter Finishing Chain
The painter has been busy finishing up the edging of the beams and the chain, that he couldn't do with the roller. A very nice job. I already commented on the blue, how it seems to really blend with the sky.

Looking Down Into Waterfall Trough
The next few shots here show the inside of the top of the waterfall. There is a small trough with the water supply pipe in it. The pipe will allow water to fill up the trough, which will in turn, spill over the stone tiles and then cascade down the six or seven feet of the waterfall face, where it will then fall into the pool

Down From Roof into Trough
Here's another view of the trough. It can be a little hard to understand what you're looking at. but if you squint hard, you can tell what's going on.

The Trough  From the Other Angle
A view from the other side of the angle. The trough will be covered with stone tile to hide that it's there. It should look almost like a solid rock face that happens to have water coming out of it. That's the plan anyway.

Stair Nosing Almost Done
Here's another view of the stairs. Rene has made significant progress on them. They'll look really nice under water.


Wilma said...

We add a blanket to the bed when it gets down to 72.
I had not appreciated how tall the waterfall was going to be - impressive!

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,
We sort of do the same thing. We have one blanket left (need to get one or two new ones), and it's a real heavy cotton knit thing. We had it on the bed, but stayed comfy enough that we didn't need to use it. A sheet was still enough.

The waterfall is a good distance. If the water free-fell the whole way, it would sound like Niagara Falls. Cascading down the rock face, it's still gentle and very pleasant. Glad you like it.