21 October, 2016


Ok, it's Friday, 21 October, 2016, and work continues. This is turning into one of those days where it's like a three-ring circus. There is a lot of activity going on.

Ramp Slope is Looking Good
After a lot of filling with fairly fine marl (no big rocks) and a lot of tamping with the very heavy home-made tamper, the slope on the ramps is looking very good. I think Dianna is going to be quite happy with the way the ramps will work for her.

Running Electrical and Plumbing
Plumbing and electrical is being shoehorned into various spaces. One of the things we're having done is re-positioning things like the pump timer and the pool fill valve to be inside the utility room up on the deck. No more running around into the bushes to turn the water on or off or reaching way over the edge of the pool to do that. likewise, we don't have to run down the ramp and into the pump house to turn the pump on. We can just lean into the utility room on the deck and turn it on or off.

Main Water Line
The main water line, that at this point feeds only the house and the pool is being re-routed just under the deck. Hopefully, there will be no more leaks with that system.

Old Deck Lumber
The old deck lumber is going away bit by bit. I'll be glad when it's gone as it gets in the way of parking vehicles.

Column Forms Being Saved
Endher has kept all the small column forms. I don't know if they're going to use them at Bruce and Colleen's place or somewhere else. I guess I don't really care that much either, as long as the forms go away too.

Cutting Plywood for Plastering Guides
If you're wondering what they're cutting plywood into 4-inch strips for, here's why. It's used as a guide for plastering the large columns. They're clipped to the side of the columns and control how thick the mud is applied to each side. Then they can be moved to the other sides and same thing done.

Cleaning Pump House Floor
One of the necessary jobs - that of cleaning all the plastering (parging - although no one calls it that down here) debris off of the floor of the pump house.

New Pool Fill Location
This is just a shot showing the new fill spout to the pool and it's feed line coming from the main line against the house, all just under the deck, once it's concreted.

Pool Filling Pipes
This is the water line going into the utility room. There will be a valve so we can turn the water into the pool on or off easily.

First of Five Span Trusses
Roof Beams or trusses, made of welded C-beams to form a rigid box, have arrived and are being hoisted into place. Two guys, the welder and his assistant, are doing the hoisting and positioning. Each beam is about twenty-four feet long, or so, and weighs in at about 350 pounds.

As They Arrived off the Truck
Here's the remaining five trusses waiting to be carried over, hoisted up, and maneuvered into place. Lot of work for two guys.

Hoisting A Truss Into Position
They jockey the trusses along the edge and adjust them to the tabs that are anchored in the concrete of the chain. Precarious work for sure.

First One In Position
Here's a shot of the first truss in position. They put that one the furthest away so that each succeeding truss seemed easier each time because they didn't have to carry them as far.

Next Truss Coming Up
Here they're bringing in the second truss. Long hummers aren't they?

Hoisting the Next One into Position
Hot, heavy work manhandling each one into position.

Endher Starting Work on the Pool
This is the start of Endher finishing the pool. Finally. It's been a long time to get to this point.

Plastering the Spa
He's moving fast with it too. In just a few minutes, he had advanced through all of the spa and around the far corner behind him.

Putting Roofing Felt Under Beams
They're putting heavy roofing felt under each of the beams to help retard corrosion and rust. That means each beam must be raised and held again while the paper is placed.

Felt Under All the Beams
You can see the paper is wrapped around each beam, and at each end.

Curbing Coming Out by Palm
More changes on the ground. We had a small portion of curbing near the west ramp that really wasn't doing much as it was just a remnant of the previous design. Out it came.

Drilling Additional Anchor Holes
The welder is drilling additional anchor holes adjacent to each beam on the opposite side of the in-place bracket to help reduce any tendency of torsional rotation.

Inserting Steel Anchor Points
His helper then pounds in steel anchor points into the holes. The steel is then welded to the beam.

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