24 September, 2016

Important Thing This Morning

I had to bum a ride from Cody (our retired caretaker) this morning.

Last evening, Dianna and I went out to dinner at Shipley's (the old Oasis). While we were having some homemade cottage pie (just like shepherd's pie, but not with lamb or mutton), the subject of auto insurance came up.

I had just renewed my vehicle license a couple of weeks ago, and at that time, reminded myself that my insurance expired in a couple of weeks. Of course, I promptly forgot this.

While we were talking, I thought I had better trot out to the truck and see just what the expiration date was. Let's see, yesterday was the 22nd of September. The sticker on my windshield said my insurance expired on the 13th. Yup, I was in trouble.

We took the back way home to hopefully avoid any Transport checkpoints. If you get stopped at those, and you have expired insurance, it's pretty sure to be an automatic $500.00 fine, plus, you can lose your license for a year. Potentially big, serious trouble.

Shortly after that I was on the phone with Cody setting up the ride for this morning. Problem solved. I have a new sticker in the windscreen and a reminder on my iPad to alert me that the insurance will expire sometime in the future.

Now for a morning update on the pool project.

South Side Column Steel Going Up
As yesterday's posting showed, columns are going up for the south side. There'll be more work on those throughout the day.

Wellies Air Drying
Somebody's Wellingtons air-drying. From Dianna's perspective, looking through the kitchen door, it looked like someone had taken a header into the concrete. I tried to catch it on camera but the effect just didn't come through.

Additional Bracing
This might have shown up yesterday. In any case, it is worth repeating. There's additional bracing for the pool going in.

Deck Wall Beginning to go Up
On the north side, the blocks are already going it for the deck wall. Progress, progress, progress.
Also, the space immediately behind the pool wall has been filled with concrete, as has the space where the skimmer was located at that end.

Nice View of East Side
My previous views of the east side of the project were dark and foreboding. This one is a lot lighter and shows the columns, piping and that some of the marl has been re-introduced to the area.

Columns and Footings
Looking back on the south side columns and footings. This bit will be undergoing some serious changes in the next couple of days.

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