13 February, 2016

Pool House Expansion Project, Days 104-108 - 09-13/02/16

Front and Back Steps, Water heater, Burglar Bars, Vanity Mirrors, Backsplash

Days One Hundred Four - One Hundred Eight, 09-13 February, 2016

The days now are just filled with little things. Little detailed things that need doing, fixing, or  re-doing. Most of it isn't worth shooting a picture or writing about, but it all adds up to the job becoming very close to being done.

Here's a shot of the front, or is it the back of the house. I'm going to say the back, because, the view is still toward the canal.
The Front or Back of Our house
Here's the Front or Back Steps. Either way, they look very nice. The guys did an exceptional tile job on them.
Front Steps All Nicely Tiled
The water heater is finally leak proof. It's ready to go. I just have to remember to get two D-cell batteries so the igniter will work. BTW, there will be burglar bars over the heater, as well as all the windows. Our Godson, Isiael is coming this Sunday and will get them all installed.
Water heater Ready to Roll Jut Need Batteries
He's also bringing a burglar bar door for the front (or is it back) door.
Our Front or Back Door From the Inside
The green rollup button box is now a pale blue. Much better.
Rollup Button Repainted
Just a shot of the bathroom vanity with the base and medicine cabinet installed. The backsplash tiling has started. The mirrors are still waiting to be contact-cemented to their plywood backs. The granite is looking wonderful, and an outlet still needs to be wired in below.
Bathroom Vanity and Medicine Cabinet
Vanity plumbing with a little extra. You can just see a second shut-off valve. That and the strange pipe going up are both parts for the Cat Genie - its water supply and waste line. It is a self-cleaning system, after all.
Sink With Stuff for Cat Genie
The shower is all done and ready for action. Everything is grouted. I installed the shower head and hose this morning. Omar got the valves installed, so it's good to go.
Shower All Grouted and Ready
Backsplash on the vanity is nearing completion here. Once it's grouted, it too is good to go.
Backsplash Tiling Going On
The pantry, freezer, laundry, and storage room is clean as a whistle. the board is half a sheet of furniture plywood. That will be ripped and used as part of the shelving in this room.
Utility Room With Wood for Shelving
Finally, making the cuts to install hammock hooks so we can relax in style on the veranda and walkway. We bought two hammocks with wood bars as separators. But with the way we had to install the hooks, the bars just get in the way. So, we're selling those to Carl, our contractor and will be shopping for two hammocks sans bars.
Cutting Hole for the Hammock Hooks
Speaking of bars, I went out this morning, hoping to find a couple of bars for the closet. Villa's Imports didn't have anything, neither did Lano's, but Dragon Hardware had exactly what I was looking for. I came home and installed them right away. I even used epoxy in the screw holes to help hold everything together.
Closet Rods in the Closet
Speaking of the closet, it now has handles on all four doors.
Handles on the Doors
Now, isn't that gorgeous? the Medicine cabinet now has mirrors in place (they really need cleaning), and the tile and grout work is finished.
Mirrors in the Medicine Cabinet
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.  


Wilma said...

I do like those basket weave closet doors.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

We do too. We've got them everywhere in the pool house, including our sliding pocket doors.


Unknown said...

How did the cat genie drain work out? I'm doing the same type of thing in a laundry room. We got stackable washer and dryers and I'm adding a laundry sink. My plan was to jump off the drain pretty much like yours. Haven't seen a lot of them or feedback on them.

Winjama said...

Hi Pat,
Thanks for your comment. This is the second CatGenie installation like this that we've done. We did our first one in our old Mennonite house, essentially the same way we did this one.
Both work outstandingly. We have never had a problem with the plumbing (blowback, overflow, clogging, etc.).
The only difference was with the CatGenie's. In the Mennonite house we had the earlier CatGenie with the cartridge that would only handle 60 or so washes. I bought a 3rd party kit and began refilling my own. That worked reasonably well.
Now with this new installation, we've upgraded to the new systems with the RFID chip in the cartridge which lasts a whole lot longer. I am shopping for a cartridge reload kit for this one too. Because of the chip, it calls for completely different components to handle that part of it. I'm sure the actual refill process will be pretty much the same.
Good luck with your installation. If you have any problems with yours, feel free to send me a message. I'm on Facebook too.