10 February, 2016

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 100 - 05/02/16

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Day One Hundred, 05 February, 2016

Writing about this project gets crazy once in a while. Sometimes because several things happen simultaneously, and other times, external things happen. For example, when your computer goes south for the umpteenth time. I swear, my computer spends more time with Fred Orio, at Corozal Virtual Office, than it does here.

Shortly after I posted the photo of the iguana walking up the vacant lot next door, my hard drive directory went haywire. So, the PC went back to Fred's place. I just picked it up yesterday, the 9th of February.

You'll notice the date of this posting is for the 5th. So, I'll be playing catch-up while also trying to stay more or less current as the project heads into it's final days.

Mr. Matute, the granite cutter (627-7685),  came by to have a look-see at the project and where we wanted the granite to go, which was on the top of the bathroom vanity cabinet.

The first thing he told us was that the cabinet by itself was nowhere near strong enough to support the granite. We would have to add additional support. The photo below is the result of the additional support being added.

We're also in the process of getting the vanity cabinet positioned in the bathroom.
Vanity Made It To Bathroom
Which means that some holes had to be cut in the back of the cabinet to allow the supply and drain pipes to enter into the cabinet.
Pipes Waiting For Holes In Vanity
We also had to rummage through piles of stuff in the kitchen and bathroom to find the bathroom sink and faucet. Here's the sink, upside down, and still in one piece.
Bathroom Sink
While all that has been going on, Omar had been busy trying to finish tiling the shower. Which is tough, since he's basically the foreman for the whole operation. As a result, he gets pulled away quite often to solve problems and give direction. All part of being a leader.
Tiling the Shower
Valerio Cobb, the electrician (624-3307), has been in and out for a couple of weeks now. He's easy to work with and is quite knowledgeable He just got the cable wiring done. Of course, right now we have no cable... We do have high hopes of getting cable service some day.

Anyway, the cable is run from the living room up to the attic and over to the outside south wall, where it will be attached to the satellite dish for now.
Cable Cable
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.

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