31 January, 2016

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 94-95 - 28-30/01/16

Septic System, Lighting, Doors, Bed, Tiling, Cabinets, Baseboards, Trash,

Day Ninety-Four and Ninety-Five, 28-30 January, 2016

Thursday seemed like a slow day, although there was a lot of progress. I don't know how to describe it, really. And that continued through Friday. In fact, I actually took no photos on Friday. Thursday's work just continued.

I guess maybe because revisiting the septic system after all this time. Here's the drain field finally being put to rest, so to speak. Trenches all dug and perforated pipe being put in off of the manifold. All the perforated pipe will be covered with fabric to help prevent marl infiltrating and clogging the perforated pipe in the drain field.
Drain Field Manifold
 This is a bit of a larger view of the drain field. It will be gravel lined, the pipes put in with fabric, and covered with more gravel, then covered with marl.
At Work on the Trenches
The septic piping as it leaves the house. The left side is gray water from the laundry room and bathroom and routes directly to the drain field. The right side is from the toilet and goes to the Rotoplas.
Drain Field As It Leaves House
Saturday's work started anew with enough differences that I fired up the trusty Nikon.

Speaking of the Rotoplas, here's its final set-up. On the left is the large access hatch to the Rotoplas itself. In the middle is a very small white cap. That's hose access to flush out the Rotoplas when needed. To the right is a drum with lid containing the valve and where the pooper pumper will recover the stuff as it's flushed out by the hose. Something to look forward to, I'm sure.
Septic Tank and Fittings
On a lighter note, here's our seven-light Vanity light, newly installed with three bulbs just to show it works.
Bathroom Vanity Light Installed
And our closet doors. For some reason, that makes the room look really tropical to me.
Closet Doors Installed
And the bed that used to live in the room that is now the pantry, laundry, freezer, fridge, and storage room. It looked big in there, but now in the new bedroom, it looks kinda small. It is a queen size. It'll be an experience sleeping on it again after our double bed in the Mennonite house. This is also the bed I slept on for a month when I injured my back falling on the curb a year or so ago.
Bed Finally In the Bedroom
We have screen doors. They've turned out quite nice. All we need now is latches and some sort of spring return for them - oh, and the doggie doors from upstairs, of course.
Front Screen Door
Here's the front screen door from outside. Looks nice.
Front Screen Door From the Outside
Mr. Cobb, the electrician installing porch lights. This one's a little strange right now. This doorway goes nowhere. That's because, eventually, there'll be a new pad built/poured for a circular stairway up to the flat roof part of the house. That will be our observation deck, and my easy access to the weather station that I hope to resurect one of these days.
Mr. Cobb Hanging Porch Lights
Our closet now officially has light.

Closet Has A Light
And the shower is getting tiled. Omar does good work with the tile. He's looking forward to adding the bling tile for Dianna.
Omar Tiling the Shower
Our bathroom vanity medicine cabinet is resting for the moment on the bed. It takes up the full width of the bathroom.
Vanity Cabinet Resting
Now we're talking. Here's the vanity lights with all seven lit up with LED lights. They only take four Watts each. So, in total, they don't consume as much current as a forty-watt bulb.
Vanity Light All Lit Up
Our back screen door is a clone of the front screen door. It too doesn't have a latch or spring return mechanism... yet.
Back Screen Door
Our erstwhile carpenters are busy installing the wood baseboards all around the inside area of the house. There won't be any baseboard in the walkway or veranda.
Fitting Baseboards

But, right now, there is trash in the walkway, and lots of it. I think a dump run must be in the offing soon.
Lots of Trash
Here's the septic fittings all done and outfitted with the sewer gas flapper valves.
Exterior Drains to Septic System and Drain Field
And once again, an overview of the septic system and the drainfield. It'll look quite nice when we've got plants growing.
Septic System The Big Picture
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.    


Wilma said...

The wood-look tile in the bedroom turned out great.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

I think the wood-look will be great. I can't wait to see it all clean and spiffed up. In fact, the whole house.