31 December, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Days 68 - 71 - 28-31/12/15

Electrical, Soffits, and Stuff

Days Sixty-Eight Through Seventy-One , 28 - 31 December, 2015

The electrician has finally been brought in to actually begin connecting things, like outlets, switches, junction boxes, and the like.

One of the first things he did was run a large conduit along the flat roof and through the gable end into the attic.
Electrical Conduit From Box to Attic 29 - 3.40
As luck would have it, during a short rain spell, I climbed up to take a couple of shots of roof-top activity, and saw an abandoned measuring tape, just sitting all by itself, in the rain.
Forlorn Measuring Tape In the Rain 29 - 3.40
Here's the other end of that electrical conduit. It actually starts in the breaker box, just on the other side of the wall in the pool utility room. As you can see it goes up through the roof and follows the edge around to the attic.
Electrical Service From Box to Roof 29 - 3.41
There's a whole catalog of little things that are hanging fire, as is normal with a fairly complicated project like this. One of those things is the blue trim. Here Errol is applying it over the white primer.
Errol Painting Blue Trim 29 - 3.41
This picture doesn't really show it well, but we've got 1/4" PlyCem, that has been painted chocolate brown, covering the soffit framing. it really cleans up the soffits, but unfortunately, it doesn't photograph all that well.
Trying to Show Soffit Coverings 29 - 3.42
Same with the gable ends There's a strip of the chocolate PlyCem covering those soffit ends as well. The chocolate paint will be used to cover the exposed wood all along the gutter edges and other parts of the soffits on all three sides.
Soffit Covering 29 - 3.43
We have an assortment of junction boxes, switches, outlets, controllers for the LED potlights, and a bunch of other stuff as well. The electician will be making use of it all.

As you can imagine the soffit covers take a fair amount of work. Measuring, cutting, trial fitting, etc., all take time and energy. Up and down ladders for a good bit of the day. I know it sounds like it should be easy, but believe me, in this heat and humidity - even in December, when we should be dressed warmly, everyone is still in shorts and tees, early in the morning on through the day. It's hot.
Measuring for Soffit Cover
Here's a piece of the PlyCem, a waterproof, concrete board product, painted a chocolate brown, and cut to proper size, will be screwed into the furring strips in the overhead of the walkway and veranda.
Painted PlyCem Ready for Cutting
A selection of some of the stuff that will be installed.
Electrical Stuff Laid Out For Installation
White is the color du jour for the electrical outlets and switches. here's one waiting for its cover plate.
Outlet Wired and Ready for Cover
On the walkways and veranda, we'll have outlet boxes here and there, switches for outside lighting, etc.

Electrician Connecting outlet on Walkway
We had some mixups on outlets for the vanity area of the bathroom, but in short order, all that was taken care of in a satisfactory manner, as with the switch and outlet below.
A New Bathroom Outlet 
We've been checking to make sure that the boxes for ceiling fans are braced properly to support the extra weight and motion of the fans.
Ceiling Fan Box and Support Frame 
Here's another outlet box being installed on the left side of the vanity. The outlet box down low is for the Cat Genie, our powered, self-cleaning cat litter box. Not they're not too spoiled.
Added Bath Vanity Outlet
Our new screen doors are here. We'll be having a 15"x20" hole cut in the wood bottoms of each to facilitate installing our doggie doors.
Our New Screen Doors 
Something we're looking forward to seeing installed is the shade-cloth screening all around the walkways and veranda. It will be held in place with these large wood frames. I think it's going to look spectacular when it's done.
Walkway Screen Frames 
Just this afternoon, the R-19, Kraft paper backed fiberglass insulation arrived. That will probably start going up on Monday along with the green board for the walkway ceilings. More stuff to look forward to.
Fiberglass Insulation Galore 
And finally, Here's hoping each and every one of you have a prosperous, happy and safe New Years. May that sentiment stretch throughout the entire year.


There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.     


Wilma said...

Wishing you, Dianna, and the 4-legged members of your household a peaceful, healthy, and happy 2016. Cheers!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

Thanks for the nice comments and wishes. May you and Dennis and all your critters have the same for 2016.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, the project looks like it is coming together very well. Wilma and I also are considering painted plycem for going between the joists on our veranda. Have you seen any in 12 foot lengths locally? I have been told you cannot get them here, at least in Southern Belize. I know they have them in the US, but I would prefer not to have to ship them!!! Thanks, Dennis

Dave Rider said...

Hi Dennis,

I checked with my contractor, Carl. Neither he nor I have seen 12' lengths here in the Corozal area. Don't know about other locales.

I would guess Habet or Builders in Spanish Lookout would be a good bet, if anyone has access to them, they might.