17 December, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 61 - 16/12/15

Plastering and Gutters

Day Sixty-One, 16 December, 2015

First thing I noticed this morning was the nice blue paint on the corner column. It matches perfectly.
Blue Paint Matches Roof
Turns out today was going to be a very busy day. Mitch came out to do some final adjusting of the bathroom pocket door, as you can see below.
Mitch Final Adjusting Bathroom Pocket Door
While that was going on, the regular crew was busy smooth plastering the closet above, and in the photo below, doing the same in the living room.
Smooth Plastering the Living Room
Along about 10:15 AM, or so, Aaron, the technician from Capital Factory, came by to adjust the kitchen rollup door. When it was rolling up, it worked fine, stopping where it was supposed to. The past couple of weeks, however, on the downward run, it was trying to unroll more than it should. Aaron knew just where to tweek it to get it to behave.
Aaron Working on Kitchen Rollup Door
Mitch also brought his new compressor to try out the sandblaster that Carl had borrowed.
Mitc Watching Gauges on His Compressor
This is the sandblaster kit - a major disappointment. It's more of a hobby-type sandblaster. Whatever it was designed for, it certainly wasn't up to the task we wanted it to do, which was to remove the terra cotta paint from the textured walls.
Sandblaster kit
Omar, appropriately kitted out with goggles and mask, tries out the sandblaster. Pretty poor performance was the result.
Omar Using the Sandblaster
As you can see here, it would have taken a few days to knock the paint off the wall.
Sandblaster in Action
It even came with instructions, but still was inadequate for what we needed it to do.
Sandblaster Instructions
Next up, Omar tried my chisel gun, which unfortunately, worked at about par with the sandblaster. That too, was disappointing.
Trying My Air Chisel Gun
Here's George finishing the cubby above the closet. Not a lot of working space up there.
George Finishing the Closet Cubby
Finally, as a last resort, Omar resorted to the tried and true methods of removing a lot of the texture. He even tried a heavy wire wheel on the grinder - That removed the paint, but caused the primer underneath to burn. Not a desired result.

The last thing he tried was a diamond wheel on the grinder, which, in concert with the bar, did the job.
Omar Doing It Old School
A little after 2:00 PM, Denver Koop, showed up from Spanish Lookout with his gutter (evestrough) forming machine, to make seamless gutters for the new addition. We used Denver and his machine about seven or eight years ago to do the gutters on the Mennonite house. Those gutters have performed flawlessly, so it was natural to use him again.
Denver Koop and His Gutter Forming Machine
Once they feed the sheet metal into the machine, a series of rollers force it through the shaping die and out comes the formed gutter. It comes out fast too.
Here It Comes From the Die
And more is coming. I had to move quickly to keep up with photographing it.
And it's Coming
And yet more.
More Coming
Finally, thirty-eight feet of seamless gutter. A built-in guillotine cleanly chops it off at the die.
The Whole Thing
Here's the rollers I mentioned. They progressively form the sheet as it moves through until it fits in the die.
Series of Rollers Inside the Box
The end-caps come preformed and are forced on the end and then they use a special crimping tool to secure them to the gutter.
Putting the End-caps On
It's a two-handed operation to crimp the pieces together.
Using the Crimping Tool On the End-cap
After crimping, a shot of silicone caulk is applied to the inside of the gutter, ensuring a leak-free assembly.
Silicone Caulk on the Inside
Then comes, cutting the opening for the down-spout. That's done with circle-cutting shears.
Marking the Down-Spout Opening
Denver is showing how easy cutting that opening is done.
Denver Cutting the Down-Spout Circle
After that, the actual down-spout piece, also preformed, is siliconed and fitted through the gutter and secured from the bottom with screws.
Fastening the Down-Spout
Then, Denver and his helper carry the gutters down to the house and get ready to install them.
Bringing the Gutter Into Place
After prying out the drip-rail of the roof, the gutter is fitted behind that and a few screws used to hold the gutter in place for the next step.
It's Going Up
They determine the proper slope for the gutter using a laser level, which you can see in the background on its tripod.
Using the Laser Level to Determine Gutter Slope
Once the slope is marked on the fascia, it's a simple matter to screw the gutter in place.
Bringing the Gutter Up
While all that was going on, work was going on inside. Here, Omar is knocking a hole in the wall to find the edge of the column of the existing pool house, to help determine where they'll be knocking out the wall for the dining room.
Omar Finding the Edge of the Column
The wall of the utility room that will be staying in place (confusing, I know) is being plastered. This is in the office. The utility room is just on the other side of that wall.
Spreading Plaster on the Wall
Hard to tell that there was ever a window in that spot where Errol is plastering.
Errol Plastering Office Wall From Utility Room
Back to the Gutter. Denver's helper is applying the brackets, which fit inside the gutters and are spaced about every three or four feet, down the length of the gutter.
Positioning Gutter Brackets
Then the brackets get screwed into the fascia and the job is done. The only thing left is for our crew to actually hook up the down-spout to the drain pipe and get that all hooked up on both sides.
Last Step of the Process
This is a good shot of Denver and Carl literally talking shop. They were trading tips on roofing techniques and talking about some new 'raised seam' high-end roofing that has no exposed screws holding it to the roof. And that's the end of a busy day.
Denver and Carl Talking shop
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.    


JRinSC said...

Hi Dave,

Starting to really look like you might get to move down by the pool after all! They are coming right along and it looks like they are doing you a fine job.

By the way, couldn't publish this msg by using my google account as it said it had a boo boo or some such technical term so I'm trying as Anonymous. Hope this one works!



Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Commenting as Any Mouse worked. Good to hear from you.

Things are definitely moving right along with the house. The original finish date 'Before Christmas' has slipped, but luckily, we don't live too far away, so it's not a problem.

Starting to get into the finish stage and things will seem to slow down, but not really. Ceilings and electrical are about to begin. Stay tuned for more.