19 November, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Day Thirty-Eight, 18/11/15

Roof Work and the Rotoplas Septic Tank

Day Thirty-Eight, 18 November, 2015

The day started with two areas of emphasis, the roof eave extensions and installing and hooking up the Rotoplas septic tank.

The eave extensions entail installing a short piece of lumber that extends out over the roof eave. this allows the roof to provide some protection for the eave, especially the join between the roof and the gable end.
Working On Roof Eve Extensions
 Omar and Errol are cutting out a notch so that the extensions fit flush with the gable truss, which ensures that the roof will fit tightly against the gable.
Omar and Errol Working On Eve Extensions
 Here's some of the extensions in place. It will present a more uniform appearance when it's done, as well as provide more protection for the gable ends.
Completed Roof Eave Extensions
 While the work on the extensions was going on, there was work on the ground. Really, more in the ground, as the crew needed to level out the hole, drop in the Rotoplas, and fill with concrete around the base cone of the tank to provide rigidity and support for the tank.
Leveling the Bottom
 The Rotoplas has been installed over a base level of concrete. It's trued up and braced in order for the various bits of piping to be installed.
Keeping the Tank Vertical and Centered
 The guys constructed a small dam, then began filling the area all around the cone end of the Rotoplas with dry mix concrete, using up the excess rain water that had remained in the hole.
Dry Mix Concrete Making A Collar
To ensure that the dry mix gets around all sides of the Rotoplas, it was easier to just shovel the mix down the back side than try to pour buckets full from the front side.
Adding Dry Mix Around Rotoplas Base Cone
There are several drains from the house that need connecting. Carl and Omar are figuring out how to connect the various bits and pieces to make that happen.
Omar and Carl Determining Best Fit
From the left, the drain for the laundry and bathroom sink come out and down. There will be a screw-on clean out cap added to the opening you see there. Additionally, the drain for the shower is next. It will be joined to the laundry/bath sink drain. This pipe will coninue from the bottom of the tee, along and under the drain for the toilet on the right. After it passes under the toilet drain, it will connect with the drain field from the Rotoplas outfall.
Drains For Laundry and Bathroom Sink, Shower, and Toilet
The toilet drain will have a sewer gas vent installed at the top of the tee that you see. the pipe continues on and is connected to the Rotoplas.
Toilet Draain to Rotoplas
Omar is supervising installation of the valve system to drain remaining sludge out of the tank.
Cleaning Threads For Sludge Drain
The design of the Rotoplas, ingenious in the way it will function, allows you to add water via hose to the tank and send the remaining sludge out the valve system into a small catchment basin, enabling a pumper truck to suck up and haul away the remaining effluent as the hose water brings it out from the Rotoplas into the catchment. Almost two separate systems inside the Rotoplas.
Rotoplas Operation Diagram
Late in the afternoon, the twenty-foot pieces of lumber for the roof truss diagonal bracing arrived. The guys will stack it till it can be installed in the morning.
Bringing In the Truss Diagonal Bracing
One can only work so long in the day, and you just have to get away and relax. There's nothing like a good nap on a warm afternoon to make things right. Just ask Chanel.
Chanel Napping
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.   


Wilma said...

We have a photo of our construction that looks just like your third photo of the notches for the eave extension. Thanks for the details of the Rotoplas septic; very cool system.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

Oops. Just noticed I've been misspelling eave. I'll correct it ASAP.

I'll let you know how the Rotoplas works out.