21 October, 2015

Wring Out That [Insert Item Here] - Part 1

Ok. Now's a weird time. It happens with just about any long-lasting disaster. By long-lasting, I mean anything that lasts longer than a couple of days, where you become tired of being cooped up, so you step outside, and the air feels fresh and clean (compared to inside anyway), the sun looks like it might almost break through the dingy, dark, cloud cover, and in the case of flooding, you can actually tell where a high-water mark might be.

I said 'a high-water mark' because, things could just as easily continue the way they have been since it started. There's the chance that that high-water mark may just be obliterated with the next rainfall.

That's what makes it so weird, and possibly, so potentially dangerous. Dangerous because you're outside looking at the sky and whatnot. You're susceptible to being directly impacted by whatever the 'agent' as they say, or cause of the disaster might be - in this case, rain.

Not just falling rain, but after it's hit the ground, it starts to flow, and as that flow increases in volume, it will also increase in speed. It's easy to underestimate the power of flowing water, not to mention the depth, or what's in it, like sewage, dead animals, stray electricity, oil, gas, and who knows what else.

By now, most folks have seen the photos of the new bridge from Corozal to Chetumal, or should I say, the canal. Our contractor, Carl, was trapped over in Chetumal for some time. I know that because I got a text message from him telling me that. I'm sure there were hundreds, nay even thousands of others in similar circumstances.

Bridge Between Chetumal and Corozal - Courtesy Que Pasa Corozal

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