17 October, 2015

Rain Delay

Got a message from Carl letting me know they would not be coming to the job site this morning.
Our Rain-filled Parking Area
 We're supposed to be getting about twenty-four trusses for the roof delivered sometime today. Carl has been trying to get in touch with the Mennonites who have built them and also will be delivering them - hopefully, not today. Well, we'll see how things shake out.

Our poor old Isuzu, now relegated to a parking spot out in the open, no longer protected by the palapa. There's a few small repairs I want to do to it, and then clean it up and put a '$' sign in its window. That's the local sign for 'I'm for sale. Buy me.'
Our Poor Forlorn Isuzu
Mostly we are just hunkering in the bunker. Dianna's under the covers in bed, along with Chanel, Secret's on her mattress on the back porch - it's dry there, Deeohgee is fretting here in the house, because Carson, our Roomba vacuum, is running around in random patterns and she can't figure him out, Nelson's napping up in the overhead above the bathroom, Bela is under the bed - unless Carson comes and chases her out, April our oldest kitty, is in the closet hiding from everything, and I'm here in the living room, my feet up on the ottoman,writing this posting.
White Egret Checking Out the Vacant Lot
We had enough rain, that the vacant lots to the north of us began to look like small lakes. So much so, that a white egret was attracted to them and spent at least a couple of hours 'fishing.' I guess he could also have been hunting for frogs. I don't know if they eat frogs or not. I would imagine so.

I was planning to work on the gate for the doggies new run today, but guess what? I don't think so. There's always tomorrow or next week.

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