24 September, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Day Two - 24/09/15

The guys show up, all riding in Carl's pickup. 

Day Two - 24 September, 2015

He has a Sport Trac too. An omen, perhaps? They get directly to work cutting poles down to size to use as stakes, which they promptly pound in various places around the yard. Much better than beer bottles.
Stakes Appearing All Over the Yard
Omar spent much of this first day, supervising placement of the stakes. Some of them are measurement stakes and some will be holding corner boards.
Measure Twice and Stake Once
All the measurements for level stem from measurements done earlier by Omar to find where the floor level was at the back of the pool house. Everything comes from that level. There's high-tech solutions, to accomplish the same thing, but the best and cheapest is still the ancient water level.

A form of the water level is credited by many to Theodorus of Samos,a 6th-century BCE, Greek sculptor and architect.  Carl Sagan, in  his series Cosmos, said that Theodorus invented the level, several other tools, and bronze casting. Good enough for me.
Ancient Water Level Technology Determined Floor Level
Now come the corner boards. They do a couple of things. The corner boards help keep the block lines running true, that is straight, and also carry on the level as determined by the water level. They also help determine square corners.
Corner Boards Come Next
Here you can see a slightly more modern level, a spirit level being used to determine the straight run from two points on the corner boards.
Floor Level DeterminesString Levels
As you can see, if you look close, corner boards become somewhat complex items in and of themselves. They'll be used clear up till about when the foundation walls are finished and the floor is ready to be cast or poured.
Surrounded With String and Corner Boards

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