15 October, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Day Twenty, 15/10/15

Moving right along with another day of the Pool House Expansion Project.

Day Twenty - 15 October, 2015

Day twenty, yesterday, started out like just about any other winter day in the Northwest... Oh, wait. We're not up there. We're three thousand miles away. Solid gray skies, no thunder or lightning, lots of drizzle. No wonder I got confused.

What it started out like, was a day with no work being done on the addition. Just solid streaming drizzle. All that changed, well, not all of it. The drizzle part changed. By ten O'clock, it stopped enough that the workers could continue laying block for the rest of the day.
More Blocks, All In A Line
Little by little, all the discrete pieces are beginning to come together to look like a solid structure.
It's Really Starting To Look Like Something
The east walls are just about at their full height. Weather cooperating, it won't be long till the rest are all up at that level. That's when the chain will be cast. Once that cures, then the trusses will be placed on top. Then it will really be looking complete.
Some Walls Are Reaching Full Height
We're having the guys put in a kitty door - Nelson's door, as they're calling it. We're going to move the actual door and frame down from the Mennonite house and cover that door with sheetrock on the inside and plywood on the outside.
Nelson's Door Is Roughed In
You can easily see the spacings for screening. We're planning to use shade cloth, just like on Gina and Keith's house up the road from us. If it doesn't work out, the plan is to put blocks on the bottoms of the openings, two or three high, then install frames and screens. A fairly easy fix if it's necessary.
Here You Can Easily See Screen Gaps
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project. 


Wilma said...

Glad the weather is not being too much of problem for you. We have had 6.7 inches of rain in the last 48 hours. and the wind last night was almost scary.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma, Well, it looks like our foul weather exemption may have expired. It's done nothing but rain fairly heavily all night long. I doubt we'll have workers this morning. We haven't had much in the way of wind though, so I suppose that's a good thing.

Stay Safe, Stay Dry.