10 October, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project - Day Twelve Through Fifteen - 6-9/10/15

Days Twelve Through Fifteen - 6-9 October, 2015

Things are moving right along. Plumbing needs have to be addressed at this time. Any piping that goes into or through the poured concrete must be taken care of to the same extent that it's integrity and alighnment is maintained.

Which mean't that a big chunk of time went to tapping into the cold water feed from the kitchen, as you can see in the photo below.
Gluing the Piping
Here it's finished and is run through the cabinet wall into the adjascent cabinet and then through the wall into the utility room.
Cold Water Connected
A part that also needs to be taken care of is the laundry hookup and waste line. Those are all going to be hidden in the wall, so it became necessary to cut a hole in the wall in order to feed the lines and equipment as necessary.
Washer Plumbing From Plenum
Here you can see the plumbing lines running adjascent to the west wall of the foundation.
Risers For Bathroom Faucet, Toilet, and Shower
Our first big load of cement arriving. It's soon stacked up on the pallets and protected from rainfall.
150 Bags of Cement Arriving
The washer plenum was hard to assemble. Nothing wanted to go in the right way. Just one of those days.
Assembling the Washer Plenum
Omar is patching where the water service line comes through from the kitchen into the utility room. You can also see one of the risers that is currently stubbed off. They're for the reverse osmosis system and the saltless water softener.
Omar Patching the Hole From the Kitchen
Rocks are now being placed into the gaps in the foundation block work. Hard work. None of the rocks get lighter as they're handled.
Arranging the Rocks
They've also taken the opportunity to fill the bases of the vertical columns with concrete.
Concrete Fill on Column Base
Always time for a little consultation. You have to make sure everything is being looked at and that it's in place and protected as necessary.
Conferring on Plumbing
More of the fill of rocks. Still a huge area to fill inside those two rows of blocks.
Rocks Filling the Holes
Omar, making sure the plumbing runs are in place and protected .
Setting the Plumbing on its Supports
Overfilled, but with the intent that the overage will simply be transferred to the inner void to be filled up.
One Section Filled to Overflowing
After a hard day's work, ready for the ride home in the evening.
A Hard Day's Work is Done

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