17 July, 2015

You Can See Clearly Now

Started off on walkies this morning. The hint of rain in the air, as it has been virtually each day this summer. We've actually had very little rain and no storms (since this is hurricane season).

I couldn't resist showing you the very latest in security here in Corozal. This protects the gate (and I assume the contents) of the hotel once known as the Inn At Corozal Bay. I'm not sure what it's name is now as the sign has never been changed.

I would hope that the gate treatment is not a sign of how potential guests at the hotel may be treated. Just on the face of it, it would seem that something is needed, I'm  just not sure what.
The Zenith of Security in Belize
I've been meaning to show this for several days now. I have no idea what caused this change for the better along the Northern Highway (the George Price Memorial Highway as is it's proper name) as you come into Corozal, but it is a very nice and welcome change.

Where All The Billboards Should Have Been All Along
I'd like to think that it was the force of my journalistic skills that helped push the issue. See my blog post "Welcome to Corozal" ( Well, probably not so much that. Maybe it was the Corozal Town Council having a change of heart and working to seriously enhance Corozal in the eyes of tourists and, of course, it's residents. Or maybe, the very shopkeepers who paid for the obnoxious billboards in the first place, decided to put a value on quality of life instead of just measuring it by how thick their wallets are.
Billboards Placed As They Should Be
In any case, it's a much improved approach to Corozal, and my hearty thanks to all concerned for having the courage to do it in the first place. I, for one, and I'm sure there's many others as well, really do appreciate having an unobstructed view of our gorgeous bay.
Wecome To Corozal - Much Improved View
Here's how the view was just a short time ago:
What An Atrocious View
There is, yet, a small reminder of the way things used to be. I wonder what's wrong with these people?

Perhaps Bill Wildman, Developer of Consejo Shores, would prefer to have his billboard placed in his front yard? These need to be moved, and the sooner the better.
Now, What About These Two POS's?
Mike Wu is in the process of making a name for himself and his restaurant, Z-Restaurant, located where Bumper's Chinese Restaurant used to be. Mike's menu is, frankly, for Corozal, superb. And the sushi, hey, it's wonderful!

He's also done an amazing job of creating a very pleasant atmosphere inside. Much cleaner and more modern than the old Bumpers. Congrats Mike. You have a winnah!
Mike Wu's Z-Restaurant - The Best!

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