22 April, 2015

Everyday Is Amazing

I swear, each and every day, it's a new surprise. If it isn't the weather, it's some new plant or something that Carlos has brought with him and casually told us that he's planted it somewhere, either in the raised garden, or in the patio garden, or somewhere.

It's always something. Case in point. This morning, Carlos came up to the front porch where Dianna and I were talking, and he shows us this huge, beautiful bouquet. Something he'd whipped together from a coconut frond 'husk'. I just Googled 'What is it called that attaches a palm frond to the trunk?' The answer is it's called the 'leaf sheath.' And, now we all know. Anyway, he'd whipped this together from a palm leaf sheath, and several other flowers and leaves, all from plants around our yard.

As you can see below, he took some of the palm leaves and them to fasten the bouquets to the palapa posts. Pretty nice, if I do say so.
Carlos' Newest Floral Creations
Here's a bit closer view of each of the bouquets. These make just a spectacular display. Sometimes, you're just not all that aware of just how gorgeous many of these plants are.
Close-Up of One Of the Bouquets

And, here's the other one. They really look vibrant and full of color. It takes someone like Carlos putting them together to really pop us upside the head and to pay attention to some of the amazing color and varieties of what's growing in our yard.
Here's the Other One
The other thing he's done a couple of now, is a tabletop flower arrangement. This one he did with some flowers that were left over from the bouquets. It looks nice from a distance, just sitting on the table.
Table Arrangement
But close-up, it's as spectacular as either of the bouquets. Such a variety of shapes and colors. I'm still amazed that this is all stuff from our yard.
Close-Up of Centerpiece
I need to break out my big camera and take some serious shots at some of what's right under our noses. But, knowing me, I probably won't. I'll get sidetracked doing some repair or other... or working on the blog.


Wilma said...

Those are fabulous flower arrangements - Carlos is quite talented.
A suggestion for the blog format - can you make the photos a little bigger in the blog? To actually see them I have to click on each photo and wait (our internet is exceedingly slow at the moment) for it to download, then go back to the blog and click on the next photo, repeat, repeat. With a fast connection it wouldn't be so bad, but still tedious. And how can I not want to see those flowers in all their glory?!!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,
Sure, I can do that. I guess I always assumed that a larger image on screen equated to longer download time. Maybe it really doesn't matter in the long run.
Check 'em again in a few minutes.

Wilma said...

Much easier to see now! Thanks. The larger images take a little longer, but not nearly as long as clicking back and forth. Plus I like to view them in the context of your text! :-)

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,
Another satisfied customer, I'm glad. I wish there was a way to globally change the image scale on all the other older posts. One by one just wouldn't cut it.